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i get this messege

"game cliente version mismatch with selected region.
the currently selected region may not yet be updated to the latest version of sc2.
you may be able to play if you change back to the region in which you last updated the game."

i can still login and play if i try a few times but i dont get this message, i neved changed the region.
any help?
This has been an ongoing issue in many areas. We all await help. I had the same issue until earlier, I can now play the beta. Or are you having trouble with the original SCII game? Try again and see, post again if it doesn't work.
i think i have this issue in wol and hots, i will check later again but i think it was in both games.

EDIT: yes, i get the same message in both games.
I had blizzard tech support help, they identified the problem folder for both the Beta and the retail SCII WoL game. It is a folder named "Blizzard Launcher.1640". It is entirely this folder that messes up WoL, and only partially what messes up HotS.

First go delete the "Battle.net" folder in "C:\ProgramData". This folder will be hidden, so ether type in the path, or make hidden files viewable in folder options/advanced. Then start the Beta and it will replace that folder. It will update the blizzard launcher, then it will go to the blue window that looks for game updates. Then before you press "PLAY", go into "C:\ProgramData\Battle.net\Client". Delete the "Blizzard Launcher.1640" folder. Only that one, it is the problem folder. Then press play and try it out.

If that didn't work, I uninstalled everything on my computer and re-installed the Beta first. Then like I just said; after you start the beta and the blizzard launcher is done updating, while on the blue game update window, even if it is updating the game itself, go delete that "Blizzard Launcher.1640".

I wasn't able to get in till it was done updating, but trying didn't hurt, and I think they updated while I did this. But I had the same problem, and I am now playing the Beta. Also I have received the error still in HotS, just try to log in still. Also if it gives you a choice after logging in to choose SCII-1 and SCII-2, choose the SCII-1. The other is for Blizzard somehow. I usually tried both, but not every one had that option. The other doesn't even work for us though.

Let me know if you make it. No one even posted on another thread after my last few comments, so I guess it must have worked.
thanks, i will try this tomorrow.

and thanks blizzard for not even answering.
I had forgotten, but get a new client for HotS for when you install. If you bought the game, you should have the Beta Code still. If you don't find it on battle.net, enter the Beta Code again. It did some weird things, like saying it was upgrading the WoL. But going back out to the summary, I saw the HotS beta. I was able to download it. I can't find it again, but if I enter the code again, I should be able to get it.
i think it worked for hots but not wol.

EDIT: i didnt work for hots!
Sorry. I think I gave you everything I could. It worked for me. I know Blizzard still has many beta testers that it still doesn't work for.

I might try to uninstall HotS and delete that battle.net folder again, then try to get the newest client in a few days or about a week. This is currently the top issue, and they are working on it.
Here is an official statement from the thread that your problem is officially discussed...

Support Forum Agent

We're working on putting a fix into place. It won't happen immediately, but Beta access will be granted over the course of this week:
I wanted to take a few minutes to provide you all with an update. Over the weekend, we found that players who claimed a Heart of the Swarm beta key on the Battle.net Account Management page were not appropriately flagged for the beta. We are currently in the process of implementing a resolution for players who have not yet redeemed their keys; however, we will need additional time to reflag the accounts that were not initially granted beta access. Once this resolution has been implemented, we will compile a list of each of the accounts affected by this issue and will be adding these accounts in the next beta wave which is currently scheduled to occur over the next few days.

Your continued patience has been greatly appreciated. We hope to see you all testing Heart of the Swarm soon.

14 hours ago
thank u man.

i really appreciate guys like you that try to help us.
Thx Derako!
Thanks, I just hope it all helped.

I hate waiting for things to happen. So I make them happen with a determination. Then When I have an answer that others are looking for, I feel like I would want someone to help me like this too.

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