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I am able to start the game, but after entering my details, the form for doing so disappears and I'm left looking at the battlecruiser and planet background. The Credits, Play as Guest, Manage Account, etc buttons remain but nothing else.

The last time I attempted to play WoL I was able to login but all of the buttons for 1v1, 2v2, etc. were completely missing no matter how long I waited.

Any help?
Getting the exact same issue (log-in window goes away but authenticating screen never pops up).

Only happens for me when logging into US server, not SEA.
3rded... I havent been able to play SC2 for going on 4 weeks now... Complained 3x they say its an issue with australian ISPs. They have til Next Tues and im getting a refund.

>>> This is also happening to friends of mine in QLD, NT and NZ.
Azango, TntnnbltnGAF, Drakster, some DNS corrections were made for Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand a few days ago.

Can you try these suggestions first?
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