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Update 7/15/13:
We are currently competing in the UASL Season 2, as well as the SC2CTL. The UASL has a solid prize pool already, and the SC2CTL has prizes as well. We are searching for active, solid players from Diamond to Masters. Diamond players can compete, if they wish, in the SC2CTL, and Masters players can compete, again if they wish, in the UASL. We weren't far from being one of the better teams in the UASL. You could be the difference!

We have unmatched opportunities for you, no matter how you choose to play the game. One of our leagues, the UASL, had a match on "LzGamerTV" on twitch last night, which approached 1,000 views. Outside of professional teams, not many teams compete in events such as this. We do! We, honestly, have so many events right now that I can't even list them all in an organized or comprehendible manner. No better place to be right now, so submit an application on We aren't lazy, it will be reviewed and addressed quickly :)

This is an overview of how our team runs:
Team Elite uses the Starcraft "clan" feature, but strives to be a "pool" of players connected through the clan feature. Really, we want to create a pool of players so that you can log in on your time, and find a teammate to play team games with, find a player to practice with, or talk to someone about the game. We aren't a clan, we are a team. We accept all skills levels, and have masters to bronze players right now.

Team Elite would be a great team to join if you are an active, competitive player that wants to "do your own thing," and not be tied down to playing matches with somebody. This is the only way a group works, because ultimately people want to "do their own thing." Nothing will ever be asked of you except that you are respectful of all teammates, but there will always be people willing to help you or play with you. We all help each other. Join us, and invite your friends!

The above being said, we have SO many opportunities for competitive situations. If you want to compete at a high level, this is a team for you. We have been able to create an unmatched environment, in that we are laid-back, but at the same time competitive. It can work, come see!

We have a lot going on, including tournaments, team wars, coaching, and streams/casting. Whether or not you're looking for any of that, Team Elite is a great community to involved with. Aside from the premier competitive leagues we list above, we have other team wars to relax and have some fun. These are very laid back, and a lot of fun! In general we have SUCH a friendly environment, 100% drama free. You'll be glad you joined!

Clan Tag: [TE]
Clan Name: Team Elite
Current Members: 98
Contact: theTRUTH .651

*Note: All of the things that we do, compete in, etc., is all because our leaders want to create an environment that supports a richer game experience for the game we all love. We don't get anything from this or ask for anything. This is for you guys!
Sure, I'd like to join! I'm a gold level but used to be plat.

Sure! Just send me a message online!

Also, visit our website for more info.

theTRUTH . 651
Just a quick bump, and then no more bumping! We have had a solid response and are now growing nicely. Team Elite is a GREAT team to be apart of. Visit us!
Ok I promise, LAST bump. :) We have had a great response and are working on soo many cool things!

-We can cast YOUR games.
-We have players of all skill levels.
-We are currently hosting a 1v1 Tournament, signup on our site, even if you don't join our team!:)
- We are adding SC2 content to our website, and growing members quickly!
Just want to add this is a really great up and coming SC2 Clan. Very helpful and friendly to all levels.
It is! We are growing and have SO many cool things going on. We are starting to cast games, hosting our 1v1 tournament (which is for anybody, not just team members), adding content to our website, and are ACTIVELY RECRUITING.

Join Team Elite, this is the team you want to be on. We don't make rules, we don't make you do stupid stuff, everybody shares admin on the "Clan" feature in-game, etc.

But we have players that are here and able to help you advance your game. We don't have "formal" practices, but we have players helping when it suits both, or all parties. We also ladder team games quite a bit. Check us out at:
Don't join a clan, join a team! We are looking to add players of all skill levels. Join us so that you have a team for heart of the swarm!
hey i'd like to join this team!
I'm in masters , i'd like to join
Im looking for a team and would love to join!
Been in the clan for a while, real friendly atmosphere. Bump!
Hello, I am interested in join your team. I am in Silver league and just starting. I play Zerg and have played 1v1's and 2v2's.

Contact: XLongX.435
Good to hear the feedback! Thanks Lucifer!

We have been able to add everyone except zeekzeek and Mercury. If you are still interested, contact me in-game, (651), or through the website! Thanks!
Visit us at and sign-up for our tournament! You can enter even if you don't want to join the team!
I added you in game and signed up for the tournament, but legitimate question, are you guys looking for more casters also? I'd gladly like to play/ cast games for you guys if thats alright!!
I would like to join! I play Zerg but I'm only in bronze...

We'd like you to join us! I replied to your thread with the necessary information. Hope to talk to you soon!
I joined a few days ago, and it's been fun. Clan works as advertised, low overhead and easy way to network with other players.

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