Blizzard downloader keeps crashing router

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Right now it's downloading the background data for the upcoming patch for WOL, and it keeps crashing my router over and over again. It's making the game unplayable and it crashes my internet. How do I limit the download speed and P2P connections?
What's the make and model of your router? Are you connecting to it wirelessly or with an Ethernet cable?
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Not sure if this'll help in your case but maybe - I had repeated connection drops when downloading SC2; at first I thought it was my router but then realized it was actually my LAN adapter (Realtek 1gbps PCIe onboard). Tried driver updates, configuration changes, different DNS servers (all possible solutions posted in the forums) but it turned out that all worked well when I switched off NetBalancer (third-party software). Don't ask me why, but if you have anything else running that *may* be interfering...

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