Beta key from Amazon upgrades account to WOL?

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I just received my beta key from amazon and tried to enter it.
It showed me that my account would be upgraded to WOL instead of HOTS?

Is this correct? I figured HOTS picture should have came up instead.

I clicked continue and it went to my game accounts screen I think. But I didn't see HOTS listed anywhere. I still only have WOL under my game accounts.

I tried putting in my beta key again at least 5 times now, but it says I have "already registered this game."

Did I get a faulty beta key? If so can you remedy this mistake asap?

Thanks for the help! I got the game early for the beta portraits, so I'll be a little more than perturbed if I'm not able to get in to play!

Edit: I've already looked at the other thread regarding beta keys, but it seems my issue is different. I'm not even given the ability to download the client because the game isn't even listed under my account.
I just put in my amazon key this morning. I got that 1st picture too about upgrading WOL. It is correct, but very confusing. That 2nd picture is the wrong place, looks like "Download Game Clients" section.

What you want to do is go back to "summary" and HOTS should be listed under WOL. You download the beta from the HOTS's account there.

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