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"Hello, and welcome to the PanKoprulu Academy, the only place where we all learn a little, and that learning is fun."

Alright, now that that's out of the way . . .

This is simple. A school- esque setting will fuction here. There will be a short monologue, followed by every "student" (people who apply) going into a unique mission. You will all be one of the following units, or any combination thereof. We allow custom, but must be reasonable:
Spectre (side note: your posts must reflect slight insanity)
Widow Mine
Queen (SC2)
Swarm Host
High Templar
Dark Templar

Be forewarned: the more diverse your pool, the more nerfed you will be. After each mission, the Board (my next post) will be updated. All applications must follow the following format:

Unit Mix (the one you are most of first, least of last)
Abilities (two maximum, kapische?)
Used Weapons
Special Notes

In Special Notes, if Protoss or Terran is part of your mix, you may include their personal transport. It will be used in one of the two mission modes- Space Conflict and Vehicle Chase. IF AND ONLY IF YOU ARE PURE ZERG, you may use one of my custom vehicles (I'll throw 'em in later)

Vehicle List (Space Conflict)
Void Ray
Tempest (Modified)

Vehicle List (Vehicle Chase)
<None needed for Stalker/Dragoon>
Reaver (modified)
Colossus (modified)
Siege Tank

Edit for campus layout:
Ground: Classrooms, Lab, Grass field, Parking Lot, Bathrooms, elevator to surface
2nd Floor: Cafeteria, Phones, Library
3rd Floor: Dance Hall, Bedrooms (everyone has a roommate, decide for yourselves)
4th Floor: Gymnasium, Firing Range, Chemical Testing
Roof: Gun Batteries, Warp Pad, Broadcasting Tower

This is a follow up to the original PKA, and will be run by Shade Ravius and Zaros. Cayl will make the occasional cameo, but I will not DM. I simply make the threads and DM when the actual ones are not available. Please follow format. Also, you are arriving on a desert planet. The rest will be explained later.
The Board:
Teacher(s)- Assist in EMERGENCIES:

Zaros <Grand Warrior/Mentor>(150 Health, 475 Shields, Infinite Energy)
Armament- Abyss Katana {Melee, 100 Damage[+50 vs Biological, +60 vs Heroic]}, MFA-22 Assault Rifle {8 Range, 60 Damage[+15 vs Light]}
--Varied Psionic Abilities, anything from shield restore, to pyrokinetic pulse.
>>Wraith>>Also Wraith

Korzis Ravius <Teacher/Elite Warrior>(125 Health, 425 Shields, Energy 700)
Armament- Longsword {Melee, 60 Damage[+10 vs Biological, +30 vs Heroic]}, Mod. C-10 Rifle {7 Range, 50 Damage[+10 vs Light]}
--Varied Psionic Abilities
>>Void Ray>>Goliath

Bianca "Shade" Ravius <Mentor/Dancer> (175 HP, 500 SP, 1000 Energy)
Armament- Psi-Whip {3 range, 45 damage [+50 vs light, +90 vs heroic]}, Combat Knife {melee, 30 damage}, Modified Gauss Rifle-Psi Rounds {10 range, 50 damage [+30 damage vs Biological]}
--Varied Psionic Abilities
>>Modified Vulture>>Prototype

Bryan "Raven" Ravius <Personality/Genetically-Altered> (175 HP, 475 SP, 900 Energy)
Armament- Modified Gauss Rifle-AP Rounds {10 range, 50 damage [+30 vs Mechanical, +90 vs Heroic], Combat Knife {melee, 30 damage}, Hydralisk Spines {7 range, 25 damage}, Claws {melee, 35 damage}
--Some Psionic Abilities and genetic manipulation pertaining to Hydralisks
>>Modified Diamondback>>Corsair/Banshee

Cynthia Ravius <Hybrid Twin> (125 Health, 425 Shields, Energy 700)
Armament- Crossbow {12 range, 45 damage[x3 damage vs All]}, Tomahawk {Melee, 65 damage [+20 vs light, +30 vs Biological, +80 vs Heroic]}
--Varied Psionic Abilities
>>Modified Hellion>>Wraith/Valkyrie

John Flint <Spectre, Zealot, Changeling> (310 HP, 40 SP, 900 energy)
Armament- Revolver {9 damage, 2 range}, Psi-blade {24 damage, Melee}, Morphed weaponry {3-30 damage, Melee-3 range}, Psi-blast.
Abilities- Morph, Psi Shield, Rapid Regeneration (<Passive>), Psionic Enhancement, Plague, Defense Matrix, Feedback, Psi-Storm, Advanced Khaydarin power core(<Passive, In armor), Psi-trap

Laura Wolfe/Xeranis/The Clone <Ghost/Changeling/Dark Templar/Counselor>(180 HP, 300 Energy)
Armament- VC32 Sniper Rifle {11 Range, 55 Damage [+30 vs Light, +50 vs Heroic]}, StA-18 Handgun {6 Range, 20 Damage}, Void Blade {1 Range, 25 Damage}
Abilities- Shapeshift, Cellular Regen (Passive), Cloak, Blink


Terance Reaver <Swordsman> (95 HP, 50 energy)
Armament- Great Sword {melee, 25 damage [+10 vs light]}, Ghoster {melee, 15 damage [+5 vs light]}
--Deadly Chaser, Deflect (Passive)

Stefan Alexander <Super Marine> (100 HP, 125 Energy)
Armament- Gauss battle rifle {6 range, 12 damage}, 50 cal auto-pistol {3 range, 20 damage [+10 vs light]}, plasma pistol {4 range, 15 damage [+15 vs Armored]}, 12" combat/utility knife {melee, 12 damage}
--6th sense (Passive), Psi Boost

Omicron <Spectre, Reaper> (105 HP, 200 Energy)
Armament- C-20A Utility Rifle {9 range, 20 damage [+20 vs light, +15 vs Armored]}, Psi-Balisong {melee, 10 damage}
--Mobility (Passive), Psionic Pulse
>>Viking/Wraith>>Battle Hellion/Diamondback

John Carlo<Ghost, Queen, High Templar>[100 HP, 25 SP, 100 energy]
Arament-modified AGR-14 Rifle {7 range, 30 damage[+5 vs Armored]}
--Artificial black hole, Cloak

Ceas <Sentry> (25 HP, 50 SP, 650 energy)
Armament- Ion Beam {18 range, 52 damage}, Disintegration Field {8 range, 10 damage per second for 15 seconds}
--Guardian Shield, Destabilize

Peter "Pontius Pilot" Phillips <Reaper, Marine> (90HP)
Armament- Dual Pistols {5 range, 6x2 damage [+10 vs light]}, D-8 charges {4 range, 30 damage [+15 vs Armored]}
--Jack-of-all-Weapons (Passive), Regenerate (Passive)

Tarioshi(Tari) Onaka <Dark Templar, Marine> (70 HP, 40 SP, 90 Energy)
Armament- Custom Warp Sword {Melee, 20 damage}, Modified C-20A, {9 range, 10 damage [+12 vs Light]}, Throwing knives {5 range, 10 damage}, Twin .44 Magnum Revolvers {7 range, 8x2 damage}
--Psionic Mechanic (Passive), Psi-blast
>>Viking/Wraith/Corsair>>Immortal/Diamondback/Siege Tank

Destron <Hydralisk/Swarm Host/Cyborg> (115 HP, 150 Energy)
Armament- Needle Spines {6 range, 15 damage[+15 vs Light]}, Claws {Melee, 13 damage}, Eye Laser {7 range, 20 damage [+10 vs Armored]}
--Eject Minion, Tap Communications (Passive)

Dante Jack <Spectre, Reaper> (75 HP, 110 Energy)
Armament- C-30 combat rifle {7 range, 18 damage [+10 vs Light]}, Combat knife {Melee, 24 damage}
--Ravage, Combat Instinct (Passive)

Sam "Steelwolf" Wolfe <Spectre> (90 HP, 210 Energy)
Armament- C-10 Mark IV {8 range, 18 damage [+6 vs Mechanical]}, nanosteel balisong {Melee, 10x2 damage}
--Chain Psionic Lash, Cloak
Name: Terance Reaver

Age: 25

Unit type: Swordsman

Appearance: Jet black hair with a close cropped cut, silver eyes and custom armor colored Orange and black. ( Lithe and muscular build, so he can fool his foes.

Armament: A great sword and a mystic sword he calls Ghoster. After absorbing the power of a small stone of Xel'Naga origin, he gained the ability to generate a second blade with multiple uses. The Xel'Naga spirit inside the stone tells Terance that there is a way for more, but first he must prove himself.

Abilities: Deadly Chaser- Throws Ghoster at an opponent and if it connects, he pulls the opponent to him with a string of energy, Deflect (Passive)- Can deflect any projectile sent his way excluding tank shells and larger ammunition types. Missiles have a chance of being cut in two.

Backstory: Was always prone to investigate old ruins and such even at a young age. As he got older, he also gained an interest in old medieval weapons and learned how to use a great sword from his renaissance fair loving friends. Soon he was strong enough to wield it one handed and enter the sword matches. He became a champ within three years. While investigating an old Xel'Naga temple, he came across the stone and absorbed it's power unintentionally, gaining the ability to create a second sword, which due to it's odd nature, he called Ghoster.

Vehicles: >>Scout/Pheonix>>Goliath/Immortal
"You can make customized units and do not require to put a unit mix unless we say otherwise."
I need a time frame for when this takes place. (in comparison to SC lore)
This all takes place separate from the other SC lore, but it takes place around 21 years after the original, so a few years after HotS and LotV.

Edit-And you can have a custom unit.
Sweet. That works perfectly with what I had in mind for Stefan.
War, read my edit!
Yep. I read.
I'm going to leave the unit type in there, I think it'll help.
This all takes place separate from the other SC lore, but it takes place around 21 years after the original, so a few years after HotS and LotV.

Edit-And you can have a custom unit.

So many anachronisms was in the original if this statement is true. I am passing on this RP. GL HF!
I'm guessing at the whole HotS, LotV thing. Remove that and know it's after WoL.
Name: Omicron
Age: 28
Unit Mix: Spectre, Reaper
(Passive) Mobility: Moves faster and scales cliffs easier. Also dodges easier as well.
(Active) Psionic Pulse: Lets loose a pulse of psionic energy, damaging targets in a small area
Used Weapons: C-20A Utility Rifle, Psi-Balisong.
Special Notes: Split Personality Disorder. One personality is unstable and short-fused, displaying signs of insanity. Other personality is more logical, more in control and calmer. Allergic to light, requiring a room with certain light-bulbs. Carries terrazine on person and inhales it on a set schedule.

Air: Viking/Valkyrie
Ground: Battle Hellion/Diamondback
Please include vehicles.

Edit-I'm not a psychic.
I will join ... might get a sheet up tomorrow at the latest this weekend ... hope it won't start till then ...
War, please just put super soldier. It'll give you 20 more HP than your standard marine, otherwise you get standard HP.

Edit-Two abilities please and your vehicles. You pick it, not me.
What's the rule on custom vehicles?
My idea for Stefan's:
Spacecraft: Raven (rebuilt for combat effectiveness)
Vehicle: Vulture/Diamondback
No Raven, but the Vulture/Diamondback is fine.

Edit-6th sense, is it active or Passive?
Alright. I added vehicles.
I'm leaving him with one power, as he'll make up for this with his durability, strength and skill.

*shrug* second power added.
Two is required, and please read my edit. One sets you back in this kind of RP.

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