Pankoprulu Academy: The Second Class

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I grab a plate of breakfast foods; bacon, sausage, eggs hashbrowns, ham, french toast and waffles, and take a seat in a far corner. I didn't want any psionics prowling around in my head. Too much to keep away from them. Fortunately, Katarn usually had powerful barriers up to keep out prying minds.
Cynthia was playing with her hands, being bored and not really wanting to be here... If only she could be truly alone but no one would actually allow that. Good thing no one is seeing me like this, she though. The others seemed to be eating food, with her uncle incapacitated, and her mother... Probably the same thing for why Raven was down for the count.
I note the girl not eating. Who's that? The Xel'Naga comes out of his contemplative state and looks as well. Cynthia, Shade's and Zaros' oldest. I nod and continue eating, looking over each person. Like I'd thought, I'd have to be on my toes during the tournaments that were rumored to be done. Yeah, brilliant idea... The Xel'Naga sends feedback through my mind and I wince visibly. "A$$," I mutter.
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bacon, sausage, eggs hashbrowns, ham, french toast and waffles

Heart attack Special much?

IC: As I eat I look around at the others gathered here. Such a strange collection of people.
No, breakfast foods. Learn the difference. XD
I know it is breakfast food. it is actually a precursor to the heart attack special :P
Double Bacon Cheeseburger, fries and hashbrowns.
No, double bacon cheeseburger, fries, large milkshake and a Diet pepsi. Don't wanna get fat. Now someone notice him wince. There's no way he's the only one taking stock of his fellow students.
Cynthia then saw a man wince... He had been observing her, but for what? Cynthia intended to find out. Standing up, she walked over there and sat down. "What was all that about? You shy or something? I've noticed that you were observing me deeply..."
I shrug. "Deeply wouldn't quite be how I put it. Just sizing everyone up. The teachers, such as yourself since you clearly aren't a student, would thrash me, but I think I stand a good chance against some of the students, if not all of them." I take a bite of my waffle. You prick, now she's onto me. The Xel'Naga chuckles. You are welcome, my awkward friend. I growl mentally and repeat in my mind A$$... I offer a hand. "Terance Reaver."
Cynthia stook out her hand and shook. "Cynthia Ravius... And I'm not a teacher, just their daughter."
I resume eating after we shake. "Ah, well, still. You're ranked as a teacher I assume. Otherwise...actually, I don't know. Guess I could use some more world experience." I take another bite of waffle then a bite of sausage. "Nice to meet you by the way."
"Um, allergies, I don't believe we were given anything. But we have a very large variety of foods, so it probably doesn't matter." I see a sandwich being made in the wall and as it finishes I grab it and start eating. I hear something similar to growls of frustration coming from the comms but ignore it as I munch down on the amazing sandwich.

Zaros grabs a plate and in about five seconds an Infestors places a steak with a nice hole in it from its tentacle on his plate. Zaros sits down and eats it. His teeth seemed to tear through the meat easier than human's should be able to.
I know I'm a bit late to the game but I hope I can still join

Name: Sam Wolfe (nickname) Steelwolf

Age: 27

Unit type: spectre

Apperance: Steel Gray hair, Bright blue eyes. He likes to wear urban como spectre combat suit with Nyx-class cloaking Module.

Armament: A standered C-10 Mark IV (range 7 damage 15 [+ 6 to mechanical]) Two nano steel balisong (butterfly knife) shaped like fangs.

Ablities: Chain Psionic Lash (hits up to three people but will leave same stuned for a few seconds takes 4 seconds to charge) Cloaking

Backstory: At the age of three Dominon psi hunters took sam from his parents. At the age of five he was being trained as a ghosts for the Dominon. When he turned 10 he was sent on a mission to destory a rebel base with little support. Being successful in not only destorying the base but taking out a zerg hive by overloading a colony ship's reactor and starting a chain reaction. He was then put in a shadowblade knock off and became a full spectre at the age of 15. During a mission all but four of his team was killed in front of his eyes. Sam lost all control and howled like a wolf and charged the rebel marines with his knives. When a back up team arrived they found Sam snd the walls of the building covered in blood. The surving teammates told their C.O what happened. This is how Sam Wolfe earned the name Steelwolf. Still Sam has problems with extreme parnoid and will loss control when ever his friends or comrades are threaten. Sam will also mumble to himself when he thinks no one is looking.

Vehicles Banshee and a Diamondback
Looks good. I might buff your range, maybe Debuff. Welcome to the Academy.
"I'd say that's good and fine. Just come to the coordinates in your ship and someone will meet you while Zarkun works on the statistics."

Korzis remembers what Cynthia said about Raven and shrugs. He would just have a few Zerglings fetch him. "I need four Zerglings." He says in a radio unit, and soon four Zerglings pull up. "Grab Raven and drag him to his room." The nod in response and zoom off.
Alright, Steel, you're all set. I upped your range by one and your damage by three, so you're good to go.
".... Nice to meet you as well..." She pauses, being distracted by something in her mind... Maybe she should try to get to know him and be friends? She needed another friend and she wanted to be away from her family. "Truth be told... I want to be away from my family and my mother seems to be worried about me. Afraid that I'll be like my father if I don't talk about my emotions. For I used to be all energetic and happy and full of life... Full of emotion and sensitive and now I'm more disconnected but still as sensitive."
I nod slowly. "She's your mom. If she wasn't worried, you should be." I take another bite and make a gut decision. "Care to be friends? I don't know anyone here and it would get your mother off your back."
A weak smiled showed on Cynthia's face. "That would be lovely of you, and it could also allow me to sneak you into places to check some things out. My mother would kill me... But you seem to be trust worthy. And I'll try my best to stay away from your mind. At times when I'm having a bad day it's hard."
I glance over at Cynthia and Terrance watching them from my peripherals. It was good to see her socializing again I just hope that she wasn't planing any mischief.

I finish my lunch and return the tray before heading out back towards the hanger to finish my work.

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