Pankoprulu Academy: The Second Class

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"Don't worry, I've got strong barriers protecting my mind. And...that," I take a bite of hashbrowns, "would be fun, causing mischief."
"Who said we were causing mischief? Cynthia asks gently. "And it's mostly because there is something that could very well possibly break down those barriers... But without him we would've been dead already. Even before we were born, brother and I that is."
"And who would that be?"
The voice was quiet but he was in her mind... "I'm sorry, but that's a family secret that I can't really talk about... It's to dangerous. And only three of us involves this thing, me, brother, and father." It was silent now. "So... How should we get to know each other?"
Korzis notices what Cynthia's saying. She was speaking of the 'Demon'. "Oh, nothing at all, I think she's a bit tired and thinking of something else." You aren't to speak of the 'Demon'.
"Well...we could spar. Zealots are nice and all, but you learn to read their movements after awhile." I look at Korzis. "Look buddy, I don't recall asking you."
Cynthia sighs at this attempt... "I'm fine, both of you. And sparring sounds nice... I think?" Brother... Stay out of this and I didn't even say his name, or what he was. Only that it's a family secret. Are you going to be like mother now and want to keep an eye on me?
I nod to Cynthia, finishing eating and dropping off my plate before walking back. "Right, where to then?"
"Cynthia can show you, though be careful when fighting. I don't want to see in the infirmary before the first class session even starts." I was afraid you would.
"Right...Cynthia?" I pull another sucker out and pop it in my mouth, this one cherry.
Cynthia nods. "What he means is that I can show you where the training room is. Off we go?" She says. Looking back at Korzis.
Don't worry... He wont know about it until it actually happens.
It won't happen, right? "Okay, I would like to see you two back here in about fifteen to twenty minutes. Or at least Terrance." Korzis says as he resumes eating the sandwich he took.
I nod. "Ready when you are. And don't worry about me being late. I'll be here."
What wont happen? Him being brought out? You know very well that we can't truly keep him caged. "If you insist, brother." As Cynthia leads the way out of the mess hall.
I follow. Those two had an interesting Brother Sister relationship, that was for sure. "So how far apart are you and your brother?"
"It was suppose to be a year... But someone forced his growth along the way and did some permanent development loss to his brain in the early years. Now he's just as fine as any other human. You would've thought nothing happened to him." Her steps in sync with his.
We can keep him back long enough. We should at least try to keep him back until tomorrow.
"So...if it isn't a year, how far?" Wonder who sped up his growth... Katarn was quiet, probably sleeping. He did that a lot lately, at least until I proved ready for more of his power. "I mean, why would you do that?"
"...." Cynthia was silent. "I don't really want to talk about that... It's to personal. But he's a few days younger." Brother... You know very well I have trouble against him... And that he chooses when to strike and if he does it when I'm at my weakest. I wont be able to hold him back, you know that as a fact.
I arrive back in the hanger and resume working on my vehicles. The Goliath was needing the most work since I only used the Viking for flight and it didn't get out as much as the Goliath.

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