Pankoprulu Academy: The Second Class

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I nod. "I'll not pry then. I've asked enough questions. How about you ask some?"
"Have you ever lost someone that you cared about? And you didn't know if they died or they just disappeared never wanting to see you again?" Cynthia asks with a sad tone.
I stop for a moment, thinking about Rossa. Rossa... "'s not a good feeling..."
Just, just try, okay? As I finish my sandwich and slap the wall. "Four, you're getting better and better at making sandwiches!" I lean against the wall and watch the students eat. I notice my father tearing through a piece of meat. When I saw his teeth I thought they looked like canines but I was thinking I was imagining things.

"Korzis is now first person."
"Hmm... Every time I care about someone deeply... They either die or disappear from the world. Never ceasing to stop." She points at the door leading to the room. "Maybe we should stop before this gets to personal."

Same goes for you...
"I'm not worried about it. And even if you did come to care about me, I promise you nothing could take me out." I grin and give a thumbs up like the character Sonic from the old Sonic X shows. It seemed fitting. "Now, let's get this going."
I finish eating and put away my plate. I return to my seat taking out a small bracelet like device and some tools. I then begin working on it while I wait for what ever the teachers had in mind next.
Have you noticed that Four is getting progressively better at making sandwiches. But every half an hour there seems to be another sandwich there... Why do you think he is obsessed with making sandwiches?
She smiles, weakly once more. "You don't have to be taken out in order to disappear from someones life forever... Let's get started. Do you want to use the practice weapons or your own? If you use your own, be careful as someone could get really hurt."

I don't know... He makes sandwhiches?
"I'll stick to my own. Don't worry, I know a couple tricks." Focusing some energy onto the edge of my great sword, a barrier appears on it. "There, now I'll only bruise you if I land a hit."
recap please..... XD
Battle ended, you're in the lunch room eating lunch. Go.
A tomahawk was drawn from Cynthia's side. The blade gleaming in the light as if it was cleaned after each time it was used. Symbols on it began to glow as energy was poured into it... An experiment that was tried over and over again... A recall feature.
I pull Ghoster out of it's mysterious sheath and spin it, facing Cynthia. There was already a square edge on it. I'd learned early on how to control the two types of edges. "Ladies first."
He wants to give me the first go... The tomahawk was silent as it soared through the air, piercing the veil of it all. Standing still.
Ghoster meets the tomahawk and I swing with the sword. Dual wielding had it's perks.
The tomahawk reformed in her hands, from the energy that was put into it as she blocks the swing. Being pushed back a bit. While transitioning into a low cut into an uppercut.
I flip back and throw Ghoster, catching her in Deadly Chaser and pulling her towards me. "Good moves."
"And you too," she said while smiling as my feet weaved around his body and a slice was going to be coming from behind him.
I spin around and catch it on my sword, slamming Ghoster's pommel into her gut and knocking her away. "That was sneaky."

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