Pankoprulu Academy: The Second Class

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Cynthia gasped for air as it took the breath away from her, an aching pain resided now as she resumed into a fighting position. The voice becoming less subtle.

You know you can't do this by yourself... Let me help you!

Brother, I need your help... He's showing up.
Hell, this thread went fast...
02/22/2013 12:40 PMPosted by smylez
Hell, this thread went fast...
Yeah... I wasn't expecting that earlier when I went to bed last night. :\
I can feel the psionic distress on her mind. "Cynthia, focus on the fight. Focus on me." I spin both blades and bring them to bear.

OOC: I feel this song fits the fight at this moment.
"I'm fine... really I am. Just had to get my breath back. That's all." She said as she prepared for a counter blow.
I can feel the stress still and shake my head. "No you aren't. I can feel the pressure on your mind." I rush forward, striking in an X.
"That's just me thinking really hard..." Cynthia relaxed her muscles and as soon as Terrance made that X cut, she slid underneath him at the last minute and pulled his legs with him. Using the momentum against her opponent.
I catch myself in a push up position and flip and spin, facing her again. "Well played, but I'm not fool. That much thought doesn't produce that much psionic pressure so that it's palpable. I've only felt that when dealing with Protoss."
"Well then... I'm also part Protoss if you didn't know. Long story behind all of that..." Kicking her feet up to pull herself up.
I chuckle and swing high and low, testing her adaptability.
Cynthia flips to her side while in the air, the tomahawk catching the blade on the bottom as the on on top swung over her body. Both feet were on the blade as she went in for a diagonal slice.
OOC: oh Zark can i add wrist mounted neosteel blades to my weapons since i realized my melee weapons were quit lacking.

IC: i was in the cafeteria. eating by myself in the corner. my thoughts swarming my mind. " should we go have some fun?" a voice said in my head. "not now" i replied. " come on you got nothing to do. besides my practice is getting rusty" the voice said back. "fine but only for a few quick minutes" i say before getting up and exiting the cafeteria.
Ghoster vanishes and I flip backwards, the Great sword having gone over her, avoiding the slash. I then go in for a thrust.

Edit-Not now D. Later on.
OOC: i'm assuming you're talking about weapons

IC: i walk into the training hall. 2 people seemed to be sparing in a corner, i watch them for a while but slink off. "you be here for more then 5 minutes i'll shut you down for another weak" i growl. " no problem" the voice says back. "alright Jack have at it" i growl before my vision goes black

i stretched my limbs. it was great having a body back. deciding to get some practice in i approached a nearby punching bag. i assaulted it with a flurry of blows, each on harder then the next. calming myself down i put my hand into a palm and place the tip of my fingers onto the bag. i close my hand fast forming a fist and ram it into the bag at the short distance provided by my palm and watch as a big hole opens up with the sand leaking out by the bucketful. "still got it" i say grinning.
Cynthia was distracted by the man when she realized she had to block the lunge. It came at her so she blocked it with the tomahawk... The metal was breaking... With full force, the blunted blade went right through it and collided right at her chest. A cracking sound was the only thing that could be heard as Cynthia slumped to the floor, being knocked over.
I keep going, flipping as I come out of it and facing Cynthia, cursing and rushing over to her as I sheath the blade. "Cynthia, Cynthia, you ok?"
"Damn it." I poured most of my conscious into Cynthia's and start helping her fight off the 'Demon'. I didn't realize she had taken a powerful blow because as she took it the 'Demon' put more pressure on me so I had to wok harder.

Zaros notices my eyes go blank and realizes I had entered my sister's mind. "Everyone, stay here." He says in a commanding tone of voice. Zaros starts out walking to the training room and as soon as he turns a corner bursts into a run.
Cynthia winces in pain. "I think one of my ribs are broken..." As a hand goes to touch that area, she winces harder. "Yes, it's broken."

The voice was louder. GET UP! You are just a foolish girl... Do you really deserve control over me! No...
I feel it tentatively and nod. "That it is." I feel the pressure increase more and curse mentally. Idiot. I should have been more careful. "Let's get you to medbay."
Zaros is something wrong? I though I felt the demon's presence here?
I set my tools back in the case since I was mostly finished and felt the sudden change in the Academy.

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