Pankoprulu Academy: The Second Class

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I go grab food of my own, but my mind follows Korzis.
My other did not put it in? I am not surprised. I have an Allergy to lights. I need to be either in darkness or put in a room with a special set of light-bulbs. I have some in my Viking, but I need to be assigned a room before I go about messing with anything. Short-term exposure won't kill me, but it won't be very comfortable for me. Long-term will be fatal. I send, gathering some apples, rice, chicken and some milk.
Odd. My voice, even though it was Psionically transferred, sounded strained. Well, we'll see what we can do. Give some to us and we'll replace the ones in the cafeteria and training room.
Cynthia shook her head. "No... Korzis is helping me out right now and father will be here any second probably. So there's no point in taking me there when they'll just intercept you."
"I'm not about to leave either. So we either start the journey, or we stay put. Starting it would be more productive." I slip one of her arms around my shoulders and pick her up, one arm under her legs. I start walking.
The allergy is extremely rare. I have been working with a method of using Chi to potentially re-write that gene out of my body, but so far I haven't had any luck. I'll do so after I have eaten, but I'll do it in the Viking. You want me to give them to you, or someone else? I send back, heading to the Hanger.
Zaros arrives at the training room and quickly assesses the situation. He looks upon Cynthia with his glowing teal eyes. "Broken ribs from a sword placing too much pressure on the handle of the tomahawk." He takes Cynthia from Terrance and says. "How many times have I told you to replace that handle with something more durable, or at least reinforce it?" He looks at Terrance, "You should be a little more controlled with your strength during basic training exercises. Head back to the cafeteria with the others. He sees the other man, but something felt different that wasn't there when that man first came to the facility. "You do the same." Zaros calls over to him before taking Cynthia to the infirmary.

Head to the head mechanics office, it's right outside the hangar. Give it to her. She'll get some machines on the job. I return to the woman with the strange allergy.
Cynthia knew deep down that her father was disappointed with her... And this wasn't the first time it seemed to be. Her eyes were wetting as Zaros walked her out. "Father... I thought psionic energy would be good enough to reinforce the strength behind it. And it's not like he meant to do that. If anything it's my fault."
I shake my head. Shove it up your... Katarn cuts in. Respect him until he gives you reason to do otherwise. I growl and head back to the cafeteria. This was going to be a long education...
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I wipe the oil from my hands with a rag that was on my side and sigh slightly. What ever it was that I felt was dealt with. I look over the students vehicles from where I stood noting several of them were hybrids of known vehicles and ships.

This will definitely be an interesting year... I think aloud psionically.
Mecha, you're in the cafeteria. Go.
"I don't blame him. Though you cannot always depend on your Psionics. A good material can be a bigger threat than Psionics. I know I am being slightly hypocritical here, but hey, it's useful advice." He continues walking until the students are out of earshot. "Though I think you did well enough with the 'Demon' fighting for control. But overall, yes, I do believe you could've done slightly better if you had a better material for the handle and if you were more focused on the task at hand." Zaros says this as he walks, his facial expression not changing.
I enter the hanger with food in hand. Noting the student still in the hanger, as well as the Mechanic's office, I move toward my Viking, open the cockpit, and take a seat in it. Closing the cockpit, I take my helmet off and start eating.
He is disappointed... "Why must you be such a critic of everything as of late? You used to be so mad at everything and never truly focused and now you seem to have no true emotion in your face... Always dull as if it's uncaring... Is this why you and mother have been fighting lately?" Cynthia thought that she probably shouldn't have asked that question... But it was to late now.
Reaching the cafeteria, I open the door and lean against a wall, fuming and berating myself for what had happened. What was I thinking, I had way too much momentum from the jump. Then the fact that she was using a Tomahawk told me I should have been more careful... I continued this way, until Katarn cut in. You had no way of knowing she would get hurt. If you had been in real battle against her, would you have done any different? I growl and then sag my head. Good point... He fades back into a semi present state and I wait for us to continue.
I order my mions to come back and they quickly do and they return to my chest cavity. I then slither into the cafeteria, looking for something to eat as I had to feed for three. "Do any of you know where food is served????" I say loudly as both me and my minions had little to eat on the trip here.
"I was simply stating what you could do to improve." Zaros growls in response. "I was never mad at everything. I simply was blinded by anger at something or another. It made me weaker against the 'Demon'." With the exception of his tone of voice, he had ignored the question. "I still care. I do. And you'd be wise to not bring up the subject again."

The French Changeling looks blankly at the Zerg and barks an order at a Infestor that points at the big table covered in food in front of the Hydralisk thing with his tentacle.
Cynthia looked blankly at her father, caring for him and worried for him... But she had to ask anyway. "Or you'll do what? Disown me or do something to me for having your own daughter be worried for you?"

A being began to stir from a bed, I had risen from whatever happened. Rubbing my head.
I slither over the food and decide to let Razortooth and Deathwing eat with me even though I gave them nourishment when they were inside, they liked eating better and my chest quickly opened up and they sprung out and they happily started to chow dow while I ate less ferociously, but still quickly.
Zaros ignores what his daughter says and continues onto the medical bay, handing her to one of the staff members there upon arrival and exits without saying a word.

The 'Demon' was repelled and I had heard the conversation. Oh my god.

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