Pankoprulu Academy: The Second Class

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IC: i followed the man out after seeing the incident. getting back into the cafeteria i saw him fuming the a corner. i was loosing control as Dante took over once again

i walk up to him. "it wasn't your fault" i tell him
"None of your business." I was still mad at myself, and nothing anyone could say would change that. "Besides, it was my attack that hurt her." I walk away from the Spectre and head for the Hangar, intending to work on Terrafirma and Windseeker to cool off.
Cynthia watched Zaros leave, her father... Ignoring her and never asking that one question... Does he truly care for his children? She just wanted to go to her room... At least the programs care for her visibly.

Brother... Did you hear any of that?

I shrugged off the dullness and snatched my medicine. Gulping it down with one swig. It would help to control my sanity... Maybe I should apologize to Zaros. I just hadn't been in the mood lately... And I need to speak to him about the children.
I get out of the Viking with an empty tray and a small box. I go over to the Head Mechanics office, and knock politely.
Me and my underlings soon finished eating and they they jumped back inside me. I looked around quickly and ask. "I have finished my meal. Where do I go next??"
I nod to the Spectre as I walk by, heading for Terrafirma and pulling out a set of tools to set to work.
IC: i decided to take a stroll outside. I was a spectre, and it appeared one that wasn't really liked by one of the teachers. rounding a corner i decide to go visit the girl he was sparring with. i presume she was in the medbay so following the academy maps placed along the halls i wind up at the doorway. walking in i find her sitting on one of the beds. "you okay? that guy hit you pretty hard" i say
Darkra, you do realize that Cynthia is in the Medbay right? Just letting you know so you know where you are. You do know where you are going... Right?
Checking over the main weapons, content they worked, I put the tools away and head back in, looking for that Cyborg Zerg. Why am I talking to that abomination again? Katarn sighs, knowing I couldn't grasp his curiosity. So I may learn it's origins. I grunt and continue on.
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Darkra, you do realize that Cynthia is in the Medbay right? Just letting you know so you know where you are. You do know where you are going... Right?

...... dammit derp XD. thanks for telling me i should've figured. i'll edit that right away.
Cynthia looked at the strange man with a cross look. Almost preoccupied with her thoughts and that's the only reason why she noticed him. "Yes... I'm okay and I'm well aware how hard it was... thankfully father didn't punish him or me."
Yes, yes I did. I cannot believe that. I reply.

Zaros had gotten back to the cafeteria and had noticed that several students had wandered off. He sighed and waited for me to initiate the order to call them all back.

The head mechanic opens the door and sees the girl. The woman had a black suit that held the poltergeist symbol on one shoulder. "Hey. What is it?"

"I think the head mechanic/engineer should be Keira. Tell me your thoughts when I get on DA."
... About what? Between what I said to our father and about our mother... Or about how he acted? Cynthia asked Korzis.
His reaction...
Too be honest with you... I believe I'm afraid of him now. He's just not the same anymore and I'm afraid and worried that something might happen. I wonder if this is why mother and father had been fighting with each other?
I lift the box in my hand up. Right now, the more insane me was talking.
"HI! Oh, sorry, didn't mean to yell. Korzis says you may need these. I have Xeroderma Pigmentosum, and these lights shouldn't damage my skin if I'm under them."
Recap since ten pages ago? Thanks :)
"Okay, I'll get them installed as soon as possible. It's no problem at all." She takes the box and quickly sets it down on the desk. "You might want to get back to the other students now." She closes the door and in about a minute five little robots start heading out.

Maybe. I don't know. I should probably return to my body and call back the students for the next part of the tour. I withdraw my conscious back to my own body. He quickly connect my radio up to system and say through the comms. "All students, return to the cafeteria."

"You would still be in the cafeteria. Pretty much nothing has transpired."
In the cafeteria, the machinery was once again attempting to create a sandwich. Entity Seven, seething, deleted the message it had prepared to alert Mistress Cynthia to the completion of her sandwich.

Note: It would appear the sandwich machine requires additional
security measures.

Obviously the "DO NOT TOUCH" sign was not an effective deterrent. The program managed to reduce its anger by consoling itself with the fact that Korzis, being an imbecile, probably couldn't read. Well, in that case some arrangements would be needed to deal with the illiterate. A gauss cannon was probably overkill, but an electric fence might do the trick...

Mistress Cynthia, the creation of the 'sandwich' you ordered will
be somewhat delayed.
I turn around and head back to the Cafeteria.

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