Pankoprulu Academy: The Second Class

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Cynthia wanted to tell Korzis something else, but it was to late... She was all alone in this room, besides that strange man and the nurse. Reaching for her PDA was a message from "Four".

She began to press keys.

A sandwich? Oh that's right... I'm sorry...
For I'm detained in the Medbay after a training accident.
The 'sandwich' is unavailable. A certain individual of low IQ
assimilated it.
Oh... One of the new students my parents made me recruit?
Or was it by chance Korzis? I'm guessing the latter... Too bad I
can't leave this Medbay...
I clean up the mess Razortooth and Deathwing had made and as I was about to ask whether I should scrape my plate I see a Terra (Zarks char) walk into the Cafeteria.
I have erected a deterrent around the food production facilities
to prevent further 'mishaps.' I advise caution while in that area.
Cynthia frowns at the device while reading the message.
What are you planning on doing? And while you are at it... can you upload
this new program on the main Academy data network? She wont be replacing you.
I just want some more people to talk to, no matter if they are organic or
inorganic. And she can help assist you.

(File Transfer Complete)
<<Computer Program Snow>>
02/22/2013 05:36 PMPosted by MechaGhidrah
a Terra

were you trying to type 'a Terran'? if so you failed badly.

IC: I finish fiddling with the bracelet/wristband like device and snap it on my wrist. Shortly after a holo-screen flickers to life in front of me then cuts out. I frown and take off the band and return to working on it.
Program assimilated successfully. What do you want me to
do with this primitive program?
Keep the other programs, for we can always make them better.
And did you hear? The main Academy Computer Center Room is
going to be mine for the keeping's... It's also my sleeping quarters.
So I get to hang out with all of you... Err.. Virtually and psychically.
As opposed to what?
Please define that question to which which section so
I know better on how to answer that question for you.
I wouldn't want to upset you in answering the wrong question.
As opposed to virtually and psychically.
Will someone at least tell me where I am and whats going on?
02/22/2013 06:04 PMPosted by ThaneKrios
Will someone at least tell me where I am and whats going on?
You are in the cafeteria where everyone else is. And everyone was called back over there as well. Nothing interesting happened besides the Academy Heads Daughter being injured in a sparring match with Terrance.

IC: I see.....
Well.... It's because there is no other way we can see or
talk to each other than from computer to computer.
Or even a small hologram. That's the only way how I am able
in talking with you.
i hear the announcement. before i leave i turn to the women "by the way my name is Dante. yours?" i ask
you are in the cafeteria and what CR said otherwise, nothing of interest to your char has happened unless you want to come watch Tari work on a damaged wrist band holo-computer
I comprehend. I merely picked up an implication that apparently
did not exist. If you require additional services, alert me.
I... Guess that makes sense to me?
I'll sprack at you later. Maybe tonight...
I might invite a guest up there, so don't tell mother.

Cynthia then sets the PDA down before looking at the man. "Cynthia Ravius... Daughter of the two main teachers here."
Peter finishes his food, then curiously watches the others from a safe distance.
I still do not understand the need for secrecy. You are physically
mature and capable of breeding. Terrans are so illogical.

I will prepare a new sandwich. Until then, I will refrain from commenting on
your illogical actions.

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