Pankoprulu Academy: The Second Class

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Before you disconnect...

As she picks up the PDA.

... I do have something to say on the matter.
Mother is worried that I might do something that dad would
have done so far. She's just merely worried for my own life.
Ah, motherly love. An instinct that is most likely unecessary in modern
Terran society. Still, I will try to observe this illogical protocol in the future.
You may return to your perfectionist needs.
Umm... I'll be fine for a few hours. So you can deal with
whatever while I try to convince the nurse to let me go to my room.
If you wish to return to your room, that can be... arranged.
No.... I'll deal with it because then they'll
suspicious about who did it.
If that pleases you.

Entity Seven goes back to crafting a sandwich (using approximately 0.022% of its computing capacity), and meanwhile oversees the installation of an Ursadak capacity electric fence and some other... interesting objects.
I look at the Cyborg and growl, instead going back to the corner I'd been in earlier. Katarn starts to protest, but a mental growl stopped him. Not. In. The. Mood. Leaning against the wall, I watch the other students. Working on my craft hadn't helped much and so I was still steaming.
I finish cleaning myself up some and head back into the cafeteria since I didn't have much to do right now and wanted to get a better feel of the new students. Before I arrive I morph to look like a much younger and less mutated me to try to blend in better since most of them wouldn't know what I looked like before my alterations.
I watch the Teacher with the Changeling powers and grunt. Great, a sneaky one. So much for sneaking around.
Slowly finishing my food, I consider getting another plate, but decide against it;
...even with the stomach acid of a roach, I probably should wait... Even I can't process food that fast...

KO, Entity 7 is !@#$ing awesome.

Love the bit with ze sandwiches.
War, NtS has begun.

IC: I watch the guy from cryo sleep. Poor sap, should have been more careful. Katarn growls in annoyance and I quiet down. Still didn't stop me from laughing at him.
No idea where to start with it...

My stomach growls, loud enough for anyone within a few feet to hear and I sigh;
...guess I'm still hungry then...
I get up, head back to the counter and stack my plate to the brim once again;
...well, at least the food's good...
You wake up. That's how you start. You can even do the events of the crash from your point of view and then wake up.

IC: I watch him get more food and chuckle. 15 years on ice would do that to you.
Peter gaped at the man who was going back for seconds. The man had already ate more food than he could in two days and he was still hungry? He looked down at his empty plate and frowned. He could have sworn there was one more strawberry. Peter glanced around to see if there was a possibility that anyone had taken it.
I feel one of the students watching me and get a general feel of which one it is and turn and smile slightly towards him. I figured he could sense me since I didn't morph in the cafeteria or he knew who I was specifically.
I return to the Cafeteria and lean on the wall, occasionally chuckling to myself. I begin to fiddle with my psi-balison idly.
Peter's eye caught on a man who had recently entered the cafeteria. He looked like another student, maybe? He hadn't seen him earlier. Standing up, Peter dismissed the thought and began his journey back to the hanger.
That was aimed at me Mark.

Thanks Zarkun, edited :)
Sitting down with a slight thud, I start digging into my second XXL plate...

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