Pankoprulu Academy: The Second Class

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02/20/2013 10:22 PMPosted by Zarkun
You don't have to use the one I gave you.

I don't seem to recall you giving me an ability.
"Also this academy has no affiliations with the Dominion. It's in with the character list. It is regeneration."
Go look at the list and SF is correct, the Academy has no ties to any government.
It's just his backstory. Looking at the list now.
I meant the Character List.
Oh, lol, thanks.

Yeah, that's a really good ability! It makes sense too! Thank you!
Welp, alright then, you agreed to it. All others must be earned.
What do you mean, "earned"? We can earn abilities?
Additional abilities. It's sorta like leveling up. You'll get range increases, health boosts, energy boosts, all kinds of things, including additional weapons.
*In old narrating voice*

"And thus began what legend calls, 'Abel the second'!"

Seriously, how do you stop people like Abel from emerging?
You watch them closely and cut them off at the source.

Alright, whatever.

Nevertheless, I am excited to be a part of this RP.
As you should. Twill be epic!
So... There isn't any backstory or anything. What is this RP?
I'll get that all up in the morning. Too tired/lazy to do it now.
Lol, I hear ya there. I usually lurk these forums about two hours after everyone gets off... Then I pass out :P
Aw, Mathcraft? I'll go ahead and get my sheet up later since I'm a head/teacher.
CR, I need your stuff like SF's on the first page. Note it to me on DA.
02/21/2013 07:46 AMPosted by Zarkun
CR, I need your stuff like SF's on the first page. Note it to me on DA.
I don't understand, it all looks the same for everyone! Unless you mean the class thing... If that's the case, I'm not naming them GrandMentor/Elite Warrior and etc.
I need it in Character List form.

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