Pankoprulu Academy: The Second Class

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Name: Tarioshi(Tari) Onaka
Age: 19
Unit Mix: Dark Templar, Marine, (might try to come up with a name for custom unit)
Appearance: Shoulder length White/Silver hair with a few Protoss 'tendrils' mixed in, 5'8", Lithe, Well toned athletic build, Wears Dark Templar armor with a white, grey or black jumpsuit when in combat, Usually wears semi form fitting robes or other comfortable clothing,
Abilities: Psionic Mechanic(mix), Psi-blast (Active)[might replace with cloak unless it can be a 'natural' ability of sorts]
Used Weapons: Custom Warp Sword (, Modified C-20A (compatible with multiple ammunition types, multiple fire modes; single, semi-auto, full-auto), Throwing knives, Twin .44 Magnum Revolvers
Vehicles: Viking/Wraith/Corsair and Immortal/Diamondback/Siege Tank
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Double post, but I think this can officially start. CR, SF, you guys get first IC post.
ummmm will the Jukalisk be ale to join (he'd be a Hydralisk in the character sheet)
That is denied. You have to be original, and the Juka character was stolen before you got here. No Scylla either.
nuuuuuuuu! I probably wont be able to participate in the beginning... Oh well.
Why? You're here now.
I was in my office doing paperwork... PAPERWORK! It was a quiet life as it was. Wondering why Cayl never took up that offer. They just gave it to me instead, the academy. First time it has ever operated in years. With my daughter and son being themselves, I just worry that they'll get in trouble like they always do. "Kids... They still act like them." I say to myself before rifting in front of the building, standing near the open grass field.

Raven was sharpening one of his knives out front under a tree with a spine. He had always been with me after that day... For if something would happen to him, it would affect me and vice-versa.

Cynthia was sitting on top of a tree branch above Raven's head, wondering why she had the problems that she had.
I asked KO if I could use the idea. Im not some heartless bastard. This will probably be the only RP that has the right setting to use him......
Korzis stands at the entrance of the underground academy, awaiting the arrival of those that were recruited/accepted. Each of them, himself, his father, his mother, his uncle, and his sister all had set out to get some people to come to the new academy. Apparently a few of them were people had been at the original one, but many were new. Now all that had to be done was to lead them in. They still had a few people out there, such as Cayl, a family friend, Arianna, his aunt, and Brian, his other uncle. But they were usually wrapped up in their own things, especially Cayl.

He sat there while the sunset and the various vehicles descended from the sky to meet him. He was ready to teach. He was ready to train. And most of all, he was ready to fight.

Zaros was going through the underground environment they had grown. The flora and fauna thrived, he did this for the peace and tranquility, something he would likely lack when the new students finally arrived. He leaned against a tree and watched a Lyota fight a Ursadak.
The Windseeker soared through space, heading for planet RT3. Why am I going there again? I know about the Academy there, but I don't think... The Xel'Naga's voice cut me off. You will become stronger and more skilled by learning there. Just trust me. I sigh and growl at the same time and enter slip space.

Edit-Mecha, have some fun with the list. We have Swarm Host up there for Christ's sake. And bold italics is the Xel'Naga speaking.
I sigh as the water trickled down a nearby stream. The wildlife here was impressive to see after our hard work. Maybe we can restore this planet as well. The opportunities were everywhere! Turning to Korzis as a rift opened up in front of me. "Korzis, you and your sister shall stay here while I wait up top for any of the new students. Can you do that for me? And watch your father as well, he sometimes worries me." That's when it dawned to me that Korzis had already left. Sighing... I went through.

A little bit later I popped out behind Korzis, standing next to him. "I was thinking I was talking to you down there... But I didn't see you come up here so I thought you were up at the academy entrance down in the caves... Do you know what's wrong with your sister? She's been preoccupied lately and keeping to herself."
I wake up when the suit alarm sounds, telling me there is only five minutes till the next hour. I stretch as much as I can in the cockpit of my modified Viking, Vigilance. I stretch my mind out to see if the transport ship had made it yet. I knew it needed a signal from my ship before it would transport my personal ground vehicle to the ground. I bring my Viking to life, and signal to the transport. We both begin to make our way toward the desert planet, heading toward it to find the Academy rumored to be hidden beneath the sand.
"No. None at all. I know she's done that before, but that was," he pauses and thinks, "three or four years ago." Korzis responds. He thought about what it could've meant. There was no one she had gotten close to and died, was there? I see the dust poof up in the distance and know that one of the students were arriving.
I gave a quick nod, sitting down on a nearby rock on this desolate wasteland. "I didn't want to ask her for she might've cast me out to the curb. I'm just worried for her, you know? She could easily turn into her father when it came to emotions. For he's been acting strange lately as well." I looked up to see what he had seen... A student, our first one. "Be ready... And don't be afraid to take a break."

Cynthia watched the sky... If only there was one. Only the rock ceiling that made up the cave, the wildlife walking around at times... There goes a bat.
Korzis was considering telling Shade about what happened when she went on vacation, but decided against it. "Yeah, dad seems to by becoming more distant. Though he also seems to be calmer. I won't need one. I'll be able to wait for all of them."

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