Pankoprulu Academy: The Second Class

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After shaking hands with Omicron, I put my hand back to my side. "We'll wait for the others before we head back, or I'll send my son back with you all."

Cynthia showed a face like she was pouting... Darker secret.... Bleh.

Raven stifled a laugh. "I know that little missy up there wants to know but it's to personal... And I'm sorry that had to happen to you. But I don't think she was acting straight during that time and it is partially my fault... And we were all in a crazy situation. After her friend died she was heart broken for a little bit... But now she's better. I hope you two don't fight over that again."
I decide to step out onto the surface so I can take in some sunlight. It has been a few days since I have been up to the surface anyway and my protoss cells more more reliant on sunlight than the rest of my body.
"Ok." I reply. I turn back to my Viking, and climb in, enabling the locomotion systems again to get it moving. I follow the person (Because Omicron doesn't know his name) toward the cliff side.
As the ship drifts closer, the computers track it's trajectory, reporting that it will drift into orbit about the planet. A long range visual pickup get's a decent shot of the craft, IDing it as an old UED Valkyrie.
The cliff side opens up and it reveals a massive hangar bay. The most apparent things were the two damaged Wraiths. Korzis leads Omicron in. "Just leave your vehicles here and come back out to the entrance. He sees Flint over by it but pays no attention.

"Been a while since I've seen one of those." One of them men say with a whistle. He radios Korzis and Shade about it. {You're going to see an artifact pretty damn soon.}
I walk over to one corner near the entrance, and lock my Viking's locomotion systems on the spot. I then guide the A.I. operated Battle Hellion to the spot next to the Viking, and I walk back out. The AI turns to a low-power mode, and locks the locomotion. I look over the Hellion, and nod, satisfied, before turning around and heading back out.
I over here one of the men radioing Shade and Korsisl reporting a Valkyrie in orbit.
{Ha you think that thing is old. You should see the 'outdated' Goliath I use son.}
That peeked my interest. An artifact? {Sounds lovely, now describe it please? Weapon, ship, plant, Jesus?} Jokingly saying the last one.

Raven moved his hand in front of Zaros. "Hello? Are you paying attention?"
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Can I get you to post which is passive?

Dante is the passive personality (the one you usually see) and Jack is the "other" personality
IC: I fly down to the entrance of the acadamey using an Overlord who was a good friend. The reason for me coming here was for knowledge, and knowledge is power. I refrain from sending my minions to do scouting as that may cause a rough start so I start to look around with my enhnced eye, trying to gather as much intel as I could. I Then sent out a tentative, rootic "Hello."
Abilities, D, not personalities.
02/21/2013 04:33 PMPosted by Zarkun
Abilities, D, not personalities.

ooohhh derp kk
{An antiquity. An old UED Valkyrie from 25 years ago.} He reports.

"Oh, I thought the conversation was done." Zaros responds. "Well, yes, we haven't fought for, a month? And its been longer since we fought about that."

"Okay, so now we wait." Korzis says as the cliff closes and he sits on a rock next to the concealed entrance. He notices the shadow of the Overlord. "I take it you're the Zerg. Drakon, right?"
About my app, I had listed Disintegration Field as a weapon, not an ability. Was that an intentional change or just a mistake?
Intentional change. Truth be told, it feels more like an ability to me. I can switch it if you'd like.
{Greetings unknown pilot. This is John Flint with Poltergeist and teacher for the PanKoprulu Academy. What is your business here.}

There is no response. However, after a long moment, the Valkyrie begins broadcasting a broad spectrum SOS signal, presumably in response to the com link.

As the Valkyrie drifts closer, orbital sensors report heavy damage to the craft.
02/21/2013 04:36 PMPosted by Zarkun
Intentional change. Truth be told, it feels more like an ability to me. I can switch it if you'd like.

i edited combat instinct as passive Zark
I was very amused. {You've got to be !@#$ting me. One of the best things ever made and it's that old and still kickin'? Nice.} That was when I heard a "Hello". "Who's there?"

Raven gave a nod. "I'm glad that you are no longer fighting about that? Just give her another chance though. Maybe you'll both get in a fight and it'll spark your interesting in each other!" He gave a devilish grin.
02/21/2013 04:36 PMPosted by Zarkun
Intentional change. Truth be told, it feels more like an ability to me. I can switch it if you'd like.
I prefer if you list it as a secondary weapon and put in Destabilize as my second ability. Guardian Shield and Destabilize we're what I started out with in the original PKA, after all.

P.S. I do understand not putting in Repulsion Field though, it was rather OP in certain scenarios.

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