Pankoprulu Academy: The Second Class

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{Well, it won't be if someone doesn't haul their @ss up there and try to save it.} The specialist reports as he sees the damage. The cliff door opened up and people in both Poltergeist uniforms and Lorian armor are seen rushing to spacecrafts.

"Maybe. But I doubt fighting will do that, though. Only if I let the 'Demon' run free in me do I think we'll stop fighting as often, but that would make the fights more lethal to those around us. Not saying they aren't already, but you know." Zaros says in response.
"My name is Destron, I am signing up for this acadamey." I say in a robotic voice.

His voice sounds something like this.
I take a seat on the ground, not even bothered by the heat. I close my eyes, and focus on my surroundings. I hold my hands up, palms facing one another, only six inches apart, and behind my eyes, I picture a tundra wind, focusing it the image of the wind into the center of my hands, blowing into a ball of water and freezing it. Although outwardly, nothing was happening, I could feel energy from my body focusing on the point.
{Well have fun retrieving it but don't take unnecessary risks over a Valkyrie in good condition.} I said into the comm as I turned around to see some weird looking Zerg with machines in him... A Cyborg Zerg? "Interesting... What did you say your name was again little fella?"

"I'm not disagreeing on that one. Maybe the two of you should spend some time with each other soon... I'll watch Korzis and Cynthia so they don't get in any trouble." Rave said coolly. "There could be depression and stress down there that the two of you are hiding."
I'll do that Owl. Please post your arrival. D, you're accepted and please post your arrival.
"My name is Destron. I have come to learn." I say in the same unsettling robotic monotone.
"Destron? Not my place to judge someones name, not mater how alieny they are. And you came to learn have you? I think we can arrange for that. You can wait until the others arrive and we can go into the underground." I said, calmly.
"I understand." I reply. "May I let out a few friends, they have been sitting for awhile and I think theywould like to stretch their legs as the Terrans say."
"Hmm.... Okay then. But don't let them scamper off or I'll have to do something about it." I said back.
IC: the dropship smelled of grit and sweat. the smell when a bunch of bodies had been crammed together in a tight space and the janitor didn't bother to do anything about it. My transport landed with a thud. Getting out i saw the staff were still in greeting stage with students. stretching a bit i walked towards the line. "sorry for being late." i say
Arriving in your ship /facepalm
Looking at the man strangely... Sensing something within him but then backing off. "If you were late then you would have been late. We've been arriving all day so you worry on being late."
I see a few people, and approach them, waving.
SF, are you going to RP the search party?
"Razortooth, eject!! Deathwing eject!!! I say and my chest quickly opens up and two figures shoot out. One looked like like a bird with a falcon like head, red, eyes, and overall birdlike body structure though its wing were membraned. The other one looked like a predatory feline though its head was somewhat elongated and he had an unnaturely long tail with a long blade at the end. Both also had cybernetic parts like I did and they quickly flew and ran around close by, stetching their legs whle also taking reconnisance.
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"Razortooth, eject!! Deathwing eject!!!
I personally don't like that part. :\

IC: I look amused at the Zerg... Thingie ma creature. "Now I know who to send to therapy... Funny since you are a Zerg."

OOC: Er... SB? Long story but this isn't the same academy so new coding and everything and you can't get in without getting past us all because it's underground.
"Okay. Destron, check. Still a few others." Korzis says.

Zaros replies to Raven with a sigh. "I guess we'll do that."

About six crafts go up to meet the Valkyrie to assist it in a safe landing.

"Actually, the entrance is concealed Slnder. You will be met by Korzis and his mother at the entrance."
"Silly Terran, do you wish to speak with minds as it is easier for me."
"My mind stays free from anyone I don't want going in there or talking to me... Zerg thing." I said. Then seeing (Dacder).

Raven gave a shrug. "Just give it a try."

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