Pankoprulu Academy: The Second Class

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IC: The Ascension drops out of warp in a brief flash of light, before entering into orbit above the dry sands of the desert planet below. I run a quick scan of the planet to find the general location that I should signal to, and picking up a single signature below the surface, I beam a transmission down to the planet.

"This is Ceas piloting the Ascension, requesting clearance to land. I hear you've reopened the Academy?"
My ship drops out of warp in orbit around the planet and quickly descend towards the coordinates I had been given for the Academy. As my ship nears the ground I activate the transformation mode and (one HotS opening cinematic style transformation later) lands heavily on the ground near the entrance to Academy. A moment or two later I exit and make my way to the group of people standing at the entrance.
"Why do you say thing Terran???. Do I disgust you since I am Zerg??"
{Yes we have Ceas, yes we have. Land right away.} Zaros responds. "I will."

"Two more new comers. Will just have to see who they are." Korzis mumbles to himself. "Hail! Who are you?"
I walk towards them, smiling.

"Hello." I address them simply. "I'm John, and you are?"
The Phantom phased into existence outside of the Academy, it's turbines causing sand to kick up underneath the turbines as the red lines pulsated, energy flowing throughout the hull of the ship... This place, albeit new and different... still had the nostalgia that only a name could instill... The PanKoprulu Academy... such good times spent there...

It landed in a small clearing, and I disembarked, my coat feeling comfortable against my skin, my gloves and boots feeling more like another layer of my skin, rather than an extra covering on my body. My hood covered most of my hair, my mask concealing my face. Three orange orbs of light glared out from the mask as I began to trek towards the Academy, my form beginning to fizz out of visible sight, chuckling to myself as I stalked towards a group of people nearby.

Hmm... Targets? No... these would be my new classmates... or if I was lucky, students, perhaps~ I singled out whomever was the furthest away from the group, tapping their shoulder from behind with a small giggle, beginning to move through the group, silently tapping them on the shoulders, controlling their shadows as I came into contact with them to erase my footprints. This would be fun...
More people arrived... {Why hello Ceas.} "I'm sorry if I offended you by saying thing. But my 'brother' is part Zerg and so are a couple close friends. Just let me tell you that you are a weird one in my opinion. From how you behaved."

OOC: Korzis can get the others, I'm depleting my juices quickly.
"Hello. I'm Tarioshi Onaka." I say coming to a stop.
Approaching the Valkyrie, the rescue team gets a closer look at the craft. The heavy damage noted by the computers is mostly superficial except for a perfectly circular hole burned straight through the 'top' and 'bottom' of the Valkyrie. In addition, there appears to be some sort of large cargo hatch on the underside of the craft, the hole on it's edge. The entire thing is coated with dust and small bits of space debris.

Scans reveal that the craft is running on emergency power and is barely functional as is.
War, please speed it up. I can't arrive until you're all on the ground.
Korzis looks at the two. He replies to one, "Korzis." He feels something touch his shoulder but pays no attention to it.

"Keep an eye on Cynthia. I am going to check the entrance." Zaros says as he exits the controlled environment and heads towards the entrance.

The team fire grappling hooks upon the Valkyrie and slowly descend. They plant it on the ground right next to the group. They unhook the grapples and take the vehicles back to the hangar.
{Greetings Ceas it has been some time since we have last met.}

I remain standing and stretch out catching as much sun as I could feeling its warmth cover me. I feel someone tap my shoulder and also felt a presence that I have not felt for a very very long time....

I sense a tap and look around, sending the message to Razertooth and Deathwing to keep an eye out for whoever did it and they started to patrol the all around the group, looking for the person. Whoever had caught me unawares would soon be found as the powerful senses of Razortooth and Deathwing would soon catch it.
As someone reaches down to tap my shoulder, I reach up and grab her arm, my eyes still closed. I saw where she was standing, more specifically, I saw the natural energy around her body even though she was invisible, and even though my eyes were closed.
"Please refrain from doing that." I say, and let go of her arm.
Raven gave a nod. "Don't do anything to stupid! Like getting into any fights in front of the students!" He left to soon.... "This wont be good if he does get into a fight."

I felt a poke, looking around before feeling everyone... Except for that one. "Who's touching me?"
My minions soon found who had poked my sholders, it appeared to be a Terran female from what they gathered. They soon followed her around, gathering every bit of intel they could.
Further scans of the ship map out it's functional power grid, showing power running the distress beacon and a single cryo pod...
One of the people from the ships start investigating it and find the cryopod. She quickly starts trying to open it up.

Zaros arises from the concealed entrance and looks across everyone.
I spot Zaros arising from the entrance, watching closely to see that no one saw it. "Zaros, what are you dong up here?" I ask calmly, tired from waiting in this sun and talking to a unique selection of people.

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