Use your computer, AT SCHOOL?!

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That's RIGHT! You can now use your computer and everything on it from any computer ANYWHERE!

What do you need - how is it possible!?
Thanks to Google, all you need is chrome on the school computer or flash drive. Plug this in an open up chrome. Go to the chrome web-store and download this Google chrome extension.
Have that app on BOTH computers, then access your computer safely and freely.

You computer MUST be on, not in sleep.

Other stuff
Note, that most school networks are kinda slow, so while you'll be able to do anytime you could on your home computer, it will probably lag a little. Once the app is installed on chrome in both computers, log into your email on you home one, go into the app, and set that computer as one of "your" computers. You will asked to make a code, do so, and then access your computer from school through the app, just put in your pass word! (you must be logged into your Email)

Note: This is an OFFICIAL Google chrome app - made by Google. Any questions - Google or YouTube it.

Well, I'm off, got a meeting to go to, and a website to work on. >.O

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