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02/19/2013 05:06 PMPosted by Zarkun
And the Worlds End may never start as...it seems we all lost interest...

... I would still like to see WE:R&R ... the char I made has just been sitting in my list ... for ... very long time ... sigh ... she may just end up being scrapped if WE:R&R never launches ...
"Follow up."
02/19/2013 05:06 PMPosted by Zarkun
What's PKA?

You would know it as Pankoprulu Academy. And the Worlds End may never start as...it seems we all lost interest...
I hope it happens at some point. I still have around 20 pages of character sheets for it.
I would prefer to join a follow up...
I'll start work on a follow up, but...I need a volunteer for a DM. I'm OK with joining, but not DMing. So...volunteers?
"Crymson perhaps."
Maybe. We'll ask when he gets on.

Edit-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRkIQ1Djlbs&list=PL3FFE7104ACD14694 Another epic song.
Te he he he... How many years after this is? Because Shade and Raven can run the whole establishment as someone helps with the plot of course.... Maybe Zaros can help. And I'm asking how long so then I could bring in a child... Or two. XD
After Reckoning, but before Techsuit. And Both children can be there. I don't know why they wouldn't be.
I'm just asking, you know... For their age in the matter. Maybe in the middle of Techsuit and Reckoning. Maybe 20's for Cynthia and Korzis?
No idea, they're your characters.
We settled for 20's. But I shall say this... My people may be strong. But you know very well as a couple of others that they can be very vulnerable and can be very, very emotional. Making them pissed off wouldn't be a good idea but it's also one of those things that makes them vulnerable. Funny, eh?
I remember how it was. My new person should be fun to use. We gonna limit it to the unit list again or are we allowing custom units?
As long as it's reasonable. And we shouldn't have fifty psionics like last time. That would ruin it... And we should discuss possible upgrades so it's not a mess of !@#$. No offense to anyone. Who's making the thread? And we should come up with a title than just PKA Follow Up. And remember... This is a "school" so it's okay to mouth off to the heads/teachers even if it may not be the smartest idea. Independence is the first true freedom to others, while knowledge is for some... It's different I say.

And as head... I'm not going to be as strict with everyone but I will lay down the smack.

Hmm... Wonder what Cynthia and Korzis be doing? Teachers? Nah... Cynthia might just be that trouble marker like she had always been.
I was thinking Pankoprulu Academy: Revolution or something like that.
"Academy of the Poltergeist could be a possible name. And I will decide what Korzis and Zaros will be doing when I get to that point, but if it is when Zaros is forty it will be when he is starting to get the hang of keeping the 'Demon' under control."
See, my issue is that when you say of Poltergeist, you make it sound like all the characters are going to join it. That's why I want to keep the PanKoprulu Academy moniker.
"Good point."
PKA: Second Class

Think about it... It's the second opening of it all and etc. Plus...They are the first new students.
That could work. We'll see how it sits with the others.

02/20/2013 12:07 PMPosted by Zarkun
We gonna limit it to the unit list again or are we allowing custom units?

Since this wasn't answered.

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