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Let's go ahead and do both as long as no one makes their unit really retarded or OP, or like the highest Psi Level and etc. If it gets out of hand... They will have to resort back to the unit list. I shall not tolerate bull!@#$ in a character creation.
"So if Mecha submits Jukalisk does it ruin it for everyone?"
02/20/2013 12:32 PMPosted by ShadowFury
"So if Mecha submits Jukalisk does it ruin it for everyone?"
Almost... It's basically if one person screws up, they have to resort to the unit list. As long as the others don't do any thing stupid. And please refrain from Custom Races. Maybe unless it literally can not be helped due to lore reasons. (Zaros is an example)
Ha, Terance is not a custom race, simply a custom unit. I win.
02/20/2013 12:35 PMPosted by Zarkun
Ha, Terance is not a custom race, simply a custom unit. I win.
No bull!@#$ in his thing. I believe you know what I mean if you saw some of the things in the first PKA. Not saying he's bad... Just saying that they could definitely try not to set off the bull%^-* detector because of his ridiculousness. Not saying that he has that either.
He won't be ridiculous. I mean, hell, took me several threads to get the final idea for Cayl where he was. Still, it was fun.
Zarkun, you understand what I mean though? And I definitely don't want another "God" that's part Psionic being that can do !@#$ no one else can in a flash of a light.
You mean Abel? *Stops and looks at glares.* I said that out loud, didn't I...
Yep. But I mean, that was the perfect character to use as an example with when it came to overly OP. I want everyone to truly feel alive, not just some overpowered !@#$%^-.
Who puts everyone under the table...
Yep, makes them feel like that they can't do a damn thing about it.
I tried. Hell, Cayl ended up where he did because he got targeted, other wise he'd have been fairly underdeveloped by the end.
It's a new start of it all. We can make this adventure even greater. And Zarkun, should we do Mathcraft or what? I really don't feel like doing something for health and damage and etc.
Makes the missions and tourneys easier...nah, we'll not do mathcraft for now.
Thank god, and if we do the tourneys... I might try to match people with completely opposite strengths and weaknesses to spice up the fun.
Well, even though I won't be an official DM, I'd still like to be allowed certain DM powers to ensure fair fights and such.
Zarkun, you may have them, and you may only use them when there is absolutely no choice but to. Just to keep it fair with everyone.
Good, good. Now to work on the PKA version of Terance...
02/20/2013 08:21 AMPosted by Zarkun
I'll start work on a follow up, but...I need a volunteer for a DM. I'm OK with joining, but not DMing. So...volunteers?

Sorry, that has been closed. CR and SF will DM with me as necessary.

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