Humanities Best, IV

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"Good point. Still, it's interesting." Young hydralisks slither by, Zerg versions of popular electronics in their hands. "They've really changed since leaving the title 'Swarm' behind."
"Indeed...." I watch curiously as the zerg around us mill about. "So when are you to see the council?"
"The Zergling wasn't sure. The Parasite puts them in a tough spot to help anyone and they've been debating if they shouldn't abandon this Hive and build a new one."
"Fight or flight. The most basic trait of any living organism. What do we know of this parasite anyway. Was there more than was shown in the briefing?"
"They seem to possess both combat and infection forms, though the combat forms are capable of infecting as well. There was an Ultralisk that was dead, looked like it had been bit."
"Doesn't seem to bode well depending on how the parasite transfers or spreads itself."
"No it doesn't. If we can get their help though, we can overwhelm the current Parasite forces between them, us, and the Magnus, then the Magnus can glass the planet."
"Hrmph, couldn't we have glassed the planet from orbit?"
"Not without putting ourselves in a worse position. Not to mention we don't yet have the technology ourselves to do it and we don't understand the Magnus consoles."
"Point taken sir." I set my Marko on my back a stretch out before grabbing my shotgun. "Not sure how we would be in a worse position though sir. Are we trying to make friends with the xenos who are trying to eradicate all of man kind with out a reason?"
"Most of those Magnus troops believe we turned down an offer to join the Magnus Empire and attacked the ship carrying their dignitaries. The truth of the matter is that that offer was never extended by the Terads, or the Enlightened ones as they're often referred to. If the Arbiter knew the truth, we could potentially remove the Safrillions from the battlefield as an enemy."
"How many would actually follow him?" I was curious about this subject now. I did remember in my confrontation with the ship lord something about how humans were offered something that we has apparently refused.
"Who knows. From what I know about the Safrillions, they don't like being lied to."
What did I miss on Humanities besides learning that this "What if" scenario of Zerg have recreational devices?
"Well I hope they listen. That Ship Lord seemed pretty devoted to the believing that I was lying when I told him my people were not offered a chance to join their little group."
You ran like hall away from a giant Parasite that the Zerg saved you from. Now Jarlburg is with Roslin and the rest of you are to find the landing Zone for the tanks.

IC: I shake my head. "Not surprised. You'll probably end up fighting him again before we get to see the Arbiter. Just do me a favor? Take the f*cker's head off. Trust me when I say that he won't be missed."
I let off a small chuckle. "I intend to should I be given the chance to. He'll find that my weaponry is now more suited for what I can do best." My free hand brushes over the handle for my morning star then the hilt of the kukri.
"Just don't underestimate him. He's still incredibly skilled."
"Didn't plan on it sir, not after our last meeting...."
I nod as the Zergling that had led me here comes out. He notices Jarlburg but doens't say anything other than, "They will see you both now." He starts to walk away and then stops, looking back. "Maybe you two can convince them to take action." I nod and he runs off, returning to his post at the edge of the creep. I look at Jarlburg. "Ready?"

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