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"As I ever will be." I nod towards Roslin and lower my shotgun so I don't appear to be ready aggressive to our new hosts.
I walk in, following the hall to the large central chamber where a Queen, a roach, a Hydralisk, a Zergling, an Ultralisk, and several other strains, familiar and unfamiliar, were arguing. That's when the Hydralisk sees Jarlburg and I. "Ah, the humanssssss. Welcome to the Athalasssssss Zerg Colony." I nod.

"Thank you."
I nod courteously towards the hydralisk but remain quiet for now.
A Queen looks us over before speaking. "Why are you here? The last group of Humans that came here were consumed by the parasite with in days of their landing." A Roach speaks up.

"They weren't military! Look at their armor, these are clearly military!" I hold up a hand.

"Yes we're military, and yes we are here to offer our help with the Parasite, but in return we ask for yours in saving the Magnus." The Zergling growls.

"The Magnus? They're almost worse than the Parasite! Every envoy we sent to them was brutally slain and then they declared us monstrosities! Why help them?" Several other Zerg nodded in agreement. I pull out a holorecorder and play it.

"This is Specialist Corvin Briggs. My unit is gone, wiped out by the Magnus assault force. I'm the last one. I'm holed up in the Armory, with auto turrets and all the weapons I can operate at one time in my armor. I know I'm going to die." The sound of plasma cutters opening the door can be heard. "I leave this for whoever finds it, and I ask you to tell my wife, Laura, that I love her." The door can be heard opening followed by the scene of the fight as Briggs does his best to kill as many as possible. Eventually he engages them with his knife and is killed by three Safrillions. The man was a normal marine.

I put it away as the Council stares in amazement. "We've been at war with them for decades, but we're willing to forgive. The Magnus have lied to their followers, specifically, the Terads have lied to the other races. The Safrillions will be more willing to leave though. If we can save and convince the Arbiter, their leader, we have a chance." An unrecoginzed strain speaks, this one strangely human like.

"I am the representative of the Desecrators, a militaristic Zerg based on the Terran DNA of old. I see the wisdom in this plan, though I must question why you wish to save your enemy." I look at the Desecrator hard.

"Because they're our enemies based on a lie."
"He does speak the truth. If the Magnus Empire had offered a what they claimed was we wouldn't be a war with them." I chime in. "The Arbiter and his ilk seems to believe that we not only turn down an offer to join the Magnus but also destroyed the convoy that the emissaries were on. If we can get their aide we could rid this planet of the parasite that plagues this area."
The Desecrator nods and leans back as the Zergling speaks up again. "And if we help you? Will you be able to help us protect our Hive from Parasite attacks while our forces aid you in destroying the large Parasite numbers near the Magnus base?" I nod.

"We will do our damnedest."
I smile underneath my visor as the meeting continues. So far it seemed we were getting through to the zerg and this was definitely changing my thoughts towards them.
The Hydralisk speaks. "Then we will aid you. I will have my Hydrasssssss clear a landing zone for your troopssssss. Are there any otherssssss on the planet ssssssssurface who will require aid?" I look at Jarlburg and nod.

"Several Privates. They're looking for a landing zone for some of our tanks." The Hydralisk falls silent for a moment, than nods in return. "I have sent an esssssscort force of Zerglingsssssssss, Desecratorssssss, and Hydraliskssssss their direction. They will assssssisssssssssst." I bow appreciately.

"Thank you. If we may, we'll go make the call." The Queen speaks up again.

"Then this meeting is adjourned. I must see that our warriors are produced." All the Zerg leave and I feel the glare from Jarlburg.

"You can't expect that to change in three decades. Not to mention for them, it's more efficient."
"So then what do we do now?" I was trying to get my mind off of the zerg spawning. It was still rather discomforting that they still did that to increase their numbers.
I lead him back down the hall we'd come in through. "We call the ship in orbit and start getting boots on the ground. With the Zerg help, we have a chance."
"Right then...." I continue to follow Roslin out of the hive.
Getting outside, I open the COM channel to Kit. {Kit, get our men down here. The Zerg are providing an LZ. And get yourself down here. Drop to a position just on the edge of the creep.}
{Right be down shortly.} "Roslin says 'get our men on the ground' and I'm going down now." I say as I select a drop point near Roslin and about 50 feet away from the creep. I then leave the control room and head into the pod chamber. I get in a pod and drop.
I use the scan feature on my visor to magnify the LZ. "There it is... Just a hefty stretch of land to go across... Y'all ready?"
"Yep." Julie starts sprinting.
A Hunter Killer calls out as Julie sprints away. "Sssssstop! That way is dangeroussss!" Behind him were hydralisks, Zerglings and human like Zerg with bone swords on their back and spine pistols in their hands.
Julie halts and sees the Hydralisk, her facial expression changed to one of fear. She hated snakes and everything that resembled them.
My pod hits the ground with a heavy thud and I unhook the restraints before opening the hatch and exiting. I keep my face-plate down and walk towards Roslin. I stay very vigilant of the zerg I still didn't trust them.
I nod towards Kit as she approaches and remain at the ready for redeployment.
I lead Jarlburg towards the LZ and wave to Kit. "I see you got down here quickly." Several dropships are moments behind her pod, landing and disgorging marines and Gladiators, along with vehicles.

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