Humanities Best, IV

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"I was ready to get down here the whole time." I glance around at the zerg uneasy about them being so close without trying to me or me them. I mumble something in Elerian and growl slightly at a nearby roach.
The Roach simply salutes good naturedly and continues about it's business. "Will you relax? These aren't the Zerg of times before."
"Not yet. I know they aren't the same but ... I spent too many years fighting them as they were ... old habits die hard."
I sigh as I try to scrape the creep off of my boots in the grass. "I am not a fan of theirs either Sargent."
"Can't say I blame you, but suspicions aren't needed right now."
"I take it we are to rally with the rest of the privates now?"
"No, there's Zerg sent their way to escort. We'll help coordinate the attack on the Parasite's rear flank."
I nod and bring my shotgun to my shoulder to show that I am ready to move on.
I nod stiffly and sigh. "Its not so much that I'm suspicious sir its more I just don't like Zerg."
I head towards the forward base being built. "Well, all that has to end at some point."
I follow behind Roslin ready to get this battle over. "When do we attack sir?"
"Soon as your fellow privates return with landing coordinates."
"Alright then." I walk up to a tree and examine it quickly before leaning against in wait.
I had moved to a new spot, finding another good point to lay at that overlooks the Forward Base. I reload my Sniper Rifle, and check my Marksman Rifle and Pistol to make sure that they aren't jammed. Satisfied, I turn my attention back to the base.
{I know the Zerg is our allies and all, but I have a feeling that we're going to be stabbed in the back.} I radio, and Solace scans through the scope.
{I have it too, but I don't think it'll be by the Zerg...We'll want to watch the Magnus closely.}
I listen to the comm chatter between the captains, if the Magnus do try to betray us they will find me ready to deal out retribution should I be given the chance.
I follow the others, and wonder what became of Roslin and Jarlburg.
{Hey Stephany how goes the objective?} I call into the comm as I was starting to wonder how the others were doing.
Reaching the base, I head straight for the CC and open a channel to the Magnus base. "Attention Magnus troops, we are here to assist you." There is no reply, then the Ship Lord comes into view.

"Human Filth, why would we require your help?" I chuckle and look at the number of parasite forces around their base.

"It would seem the only thing keeping you from being overrun is your wall. And the Parasite knows that from what I can see on my map." The Ship Lord curses at me in Safrillion before I hear the Arbiter cut him off and come into view.

"Why would you help us, Captain Roslin? We are your enemy." I wasn't surprised he knew who I was. It was if he didn't that I'd be concerned. They knew about Rhys and Mikaela too, but they weren't here.

"Because you have been lied to."

OOC: Someone can walk in and hear that part.
I leave my spot that was next to the tree and head towards the CC to see where exactly we were going to be attacking from.
I walk into the CC and over hear the last part of Roslin's reply to the Arbiter. I watch and listen quietly to the rest of the conversation.

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