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I spot a good landing area, a wide open grassy plain on a small plateau. I call in the coordinates to the ship, then radio back to Jarlburg.

{Just found a spot. How goes the Zerg?}
{It went alright. We have their aide so long as we help defend their hive from the parasite.}
"What reason would the Terads have to lie to us, Roslin? We have been one of their most faithful servants." I can hear the Ship Lord in the background making remarks like how we have no honor and other such things. I just chuckled to myself mentally.

"Have the Terads ever told you what was said in the meeting between our dignitaries on that neutral moon?" The Arbiter pauses, then shakes his head.

"Now that you have brought it up, no, they never did release the details of it, though all the others were." I chuckle.

"That should have been your first clue. Our dignitaries never got a word out of their mouths because they were killed upon entering the room. Your dignitaries, upon further investigations by our forces, blew up their own ship and got name and facial changes." The Arbiter opens his mouth to rebuke me, but stops.

"You...seem to know what you're saying, Roslin. When we meet after the battle, I will speak with you." I nod.

"Then you'll take our help?"

"Yes. Grenta Norueva." The channel cuts out and I sigh in relief. The head honcho had listened. We had almost won at that point. I then notice Jarlburg.

"How much of that did you hear?"
"Most of it sir." I respond in complete honesty.
"And what are your thoughts on the Arbiter versus the Ship Lord?"
"The Arbiter seems more likely to listen where as the Ship Lord is more stubborn than gorgoran mule. It seems also that the Arbiter is more appreciative of our aide against the parasite."
I nod. "You're a good judge of character. Something about each Arbiter is that they're chosen for their wisdom and knowledge. Ship Lords are chosen for their combat prowess, and though it'll never be widely known, their willingness to follow the Terads blindly."
"He is a formidable foe I give him that. Should I face him again I will not make the same mistake as last time... Your orders now sir?"
I sigh and sit down. "Rest. It's gonna be a long night."
I enter the command room as Roslin is telling Jarlburg to go rest. I stand by the door and survey the room glad that there were no Zerg here.
I look at Kit. "So, I see you're set and determined to see the Zerg as monstrosities still."
"Yes sir." I turn and exit the CC heading for the makeshift bunking area to rest some. Once inside I remove my helmet and grab an MRE to eat before trying to sleep some.
Hanna approaches Jarlburg, taking a seat. "So how was it to be one of the first down here, and with the Captain to boot."
{Forward Base, be advised, there is a wave of parasites incoming. I'm picking them off, but some will get through. Get ready for a fight. Over.} I radio. My Rifle was heard in the background, blasting away.
"It wasn't terrible can't say I am a fan of this parasite that we have to fight. I'm sure you saw the helm cam of the giant one that attacked us. Being with Captain Roslin wasn't anything different from any other person from my view though I know not everyone sees it that way." I offer Hanna an MRE as she sits down.
Imps fly out from the Forward Base, taking out whatever Parasites Captain Arcadia missed. {We planned on that. Or, the Captain of our ship did.}

Hanna chuckles. "The Captain's saved almost everyone in the CQC group. But you're right, he's bout the same as you and me, although he's got a few more augments."
{Good to hear. It seems the Zerg are engaging them as well, and holding their own.} I radio back.
{Zerg have more experience against the thing too, so that'll help greatly.}
"Once they prove to me they can be trusted I will until then ..." I trail off and shake my head.
"I'm standing here, talking to you. Jarlburg just walked off to take a breather. The other Privates are on their way back now with a Zerg escort. I'd say they've proven themselves."

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