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"True he does." I start heating up the main course and eating the crackers that came with it while it warms.
"You fight the parasite yet?"
"Sorry but not enough for me. I spent to long fighting them and trusting my second most hated enemy ... doesn't exactly sit well with me."

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I look a Hanna rather curiously. "You didn't watch my helmet cam?"
I shake my head. "Right, and I really want to team up with the people that have glassed countless human worlds. The reason I am? Because I know what really happened."

Hanna shakes her head. "No, I was busy prepping for the assault."
"Lets just say the parasite we fought was roughly the size of an Ultralisk and threw Eric into a tree. Rockets didn't seem to phase it much from what I could tell." I keep munching on the food from the MRE pack. "Not going to eat?"
She shakes her head. "I did before we left the ship. As for the parasite, damn. Thing's gotta have a weakness though."
"It does it is just a matter of finding it. I think that the big one is a rarer breed though so we probably won't have to worry about fighting hordes of them. I think it's armor will have weak points at joints and and neck." I start eating the main course of the MRE while we continue to talk.
"Sounds about right. Wish I'd been allowed to come, but the Captain thought you guys had earned an easy mission after the battle."
I left of a small chuckle. "Eager to get back into the field are we?" I imply jokingly.
"You know it. I'm a Gladiator, we were bred for combat."
"Aye, same for me as a Krigere. As much as I am a smith I am a soldier first."
Hanna looks at the morning star. "So when did you acquire that?" She indicates it. "And now that I think about it, the kukri too."
"The kukri was given to me by Roslin. The morning star was a gift from my father... Well more from my mother...." I say a little more somber than before.
"Now that I think about it, this is the first time I've seen the Captain give anyone a knife. Must want you to have a weapon to even the score with an enemy. But what's the story behind the morning star?" Hanna wasn't trying to pry, but she was curious.
"My mother forged it for me as a gift for when I return from my proving..." I take it off of my back and set it down in front of me. "It is made of a rare metal that is extremely resilient to damage and heat. The metal is normally only affordable by the Nobles or the Emperor." I run my finger over the runes that were carved into the wood.
"If it was for after your proving, than why..." She wasn't sure how to finish the question.
We arrived, and I went into the command center, intent on finding out what to do next. I spot Roslin, and approach him.

"Orders, sir?"
"Rest. You all did good finding that spot. For now, combat troops not on construction duty are to rest and prep for the assault tonight. We'll rescue the Magnus and maybe gain new allies with them. If not, they I hope they put up one hell of a fight when we trash them."
"Yes sir." I say, I find myself a cot, and doze off.

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