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I'm using a computer that can't connect to DA by the way.

IC: I walk into the CC. Finding our barracks that we would have... I didn't like working with the Zerg. No matter what their intent was. Old wounds shall surface from someone sooner or later... And I will kill myself a Zerg if they attack, and I'll make sure it's dead... But in the meantime, I'll not be picky with who we are working with. As long as I ain't taking orders from them.
"My father found it when fighting the bandits off from the village. A looter had snatched it and was trying to use it to no avail. Once he reclaimed it the smiths marking and ran for my mothers shop finding it ablaze. He sent me it hoping that it will aide me in and give me motivation to complete my proving..."
Hanna looks at Jarlburg and sighs. "I can't...really do more than empathize with you. Being a Gladiator, most of us don't really know or care what happens to our families. Academy wanted it that way."
"I understand Hanna. Many of the Krigere don't even empathize let alone show much if any emotion. While I am saddened by my lose I cannot let it impede with what my current objective is and that is to aide in getting the Magnus to join us."
Hanna nods. "Only the Safrillions will really join and the troops under the Arbiter. The other races...we've exchanged blows too long for them to forgive us easily."
"That is what will be determined in time. Hopefully the Safrillion's leaving will cause more of a split in the Magnus's order giving us a much needed break." I finish eating my MRE and discard the packaging and anything that wasn't edible.
Hanna takes her bunk and lounges, playing with her knife. "We'll see."
"That we will...." I run my finger through the etched runes again knowing I probably won't sleep for awhile. One thing I did find strange is that the runes glowed softly when I touched them. While curious I figured that I'd have time to figure out what she used to make them with later.

I reflect on the battle on the Magnus ship and start think on how some of the Safrillion is going to act. "Hanna I think we are going to have some issues with that Ship Lord...."
She snorts. "Oh Roslin knows we will. And since it's you he tried to kill, it's you he's allowing to face him. Watch him close, he'll try and strike when Roslin least expects."
"That must be why Roslin gave me the kukri. I will be ready for the Ship Lords attempt and deal with him before he can cause to much trouble."
"We'll need you to. Roslin told you how Ship Lords are picked, right? And who by?"
"For their combat prowess and their loyalty to the Terads. I have a few surprises for him since he will more than likely take to over confidence as he has defeated me before."
"So who do you think picks the Ship Lords then? No shifting topics until you answer the question."
"The Terads, who else would judge their loyalty and combat prowess?" I reply simple as I grip the handle of the morning star to get a better feel for the weapon.
"Right. Now, their combat prowess should always be kept in mind. They have a tendency to...overestimate their opponent intentionally."
"I will not do what I did before if that is what you mean. I know that he will be powerful and many of his talents and skills are still unknown to me so I will try my best to be ready for anything."
She chuckles and pulls up a solid hologram of a Safrillion, drawing her knife again, and then drawing a kukri of her own. "The Captain showed me how to make it, and I spent weeks getting it right." She taps three spots on the Safrillion, under it's jaw, the side of it's neck, and both hamstrings. "Those are the best points for this knife." She holds up her standard issue one. "Unprotected and can't stop the blade." She quickly hamstrings the hologram, spins around and shoves the knife into it's jaw and slams it to the ground. It dissipates and a new one appears. "That's one standard assassination." Sheathing the knife, she holds up the Kukri. "Now, I want you so try and find spots for this."
I look over the hologram carefully knowing that the kukri was meant more for cleaving through weak points in armor. After a few moments I point towards the base of the neck shoulder and top of the leg where the hip joint would be. "Those are the correct spots yes?"
She chuckles and then points to two subtle slits in the chest armor. "That's four. You see, there's several new spots you can use." She once more takes out the Safrillion, the kukri sliding down the subtle slit into the heart and killing it. "That's one of many ways you can do it."
Julie was heading to the temporary barracks, but her progress was slow because every time a Hydralisk came close to her she would freeze in fear. She would be able to face down a Juvalin without much fear, but the second there was a Hydralisk she would start quivering. She either was just naturally afraid of serpent like beings, or she had some unpleasant experience with them in her childhood. She was after all, an orphan.

I was pacing through the briefing room. I wanted to engage in combat, but my leg would not allow it. It caused my anger to flare up every time someone said, well, anything to me.

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