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02/23/2013 12:15 PMPosted by Zarkun
I shake my head. "Right, and I really want to team up with the people that have glassed countless human worlds. The reason I am? Because I know what really happened."

I remain silent for a moment. "You have your reasons for trusting the Zerg and I have my own reasons for not. Kinda surprised you didn't ask what my most hated enemy is not that you would believe me if I told you anyway." I shake my head and turn to leave.
Entering our base, I wonder around for a bit, looking over the defenses and listening in the general mood of the camp.
I look over the hologram for the slits that Hanna had shown me and start to make mental notes on where to strike to utilize them properly.
Hanna sheaths her knife and the hologram vanishes. "Keep all those in mind. It's a knife designed to kill."
"Will do." I lay back on my bed looking towards the ceiling. "Thank you Hanna."
She nods, going to her bed and lounging once more. "Any time."
"So where did you get your kukri?"
"Truth be told, Captain Roslin showed me how to forge the weapon. I'm a bit of a medieval times buff and fanatic, but I could never understand how to forge something. The Captain showed me in a way I understood."
"Ah... I found that forging wasn't difficult but then again I probably learned it differently from you."
"Most likely. Everything I read didn't make any sense in any way, shape, or form."
I let out a laugh. "I was taught by doing not by reading. I think that is a better way of doing it anyway."
"I needed to understand it before I did it, and...I just couldn't understand. Then Captain Roslin showed me how to do things, and it was cake from there."
"Everyone learns differently. I miss the feel of the forge at home. Seemed to be the only place where I could just focus and not worry about what ever else was happening around me..."
She nods. "Seems the Captain spends all his spare time in his forge..."

I look at Kit. "Look, what you told us is your business, but we can't afford for everyone to be suspicious of everyone and everything. It's time we let go of the past and move forward. Including you."
"Aye that is what I've hears."
She nods. "It's good he has something else to focus on besides this blasted war."
"Right... So what got you interested smiting and the medieval times?"
"A renaissance fair in Reno."
Zarkun, I saw your thing about TSH. And yes... It escalated. And I can't get on DA again for some reason so I'll just continue trying since I've been here at my grandparents since like 10 o'clock eastern time?

IC: I found the bed and set my rifle on it. Taking off the helmet as it had dirt and grime from the outside.
"I'll see what I can do but my past is the only reason I'm even ..." I shake my head and leave not completing that thought. I make my way out of the CC and over to a small hill that was unused currently.

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