Humanities Best, IV

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I step into my pod, and secure my equipment. I check the read-out on the pod, and nodding to myself, I seal the pod. I pray quietly to myself, knowing we are about to drop into a !@#$-storm trying to help the Zerg.
Knowing that I may or may not get a answer from my last question, I asked a new one. "Are we setting up sniper fire on any ridge lines or the whatnot? "
I strap in, looking at John. "Liquid situation, but no sniper cover, too risky. If it attacks you shoot it, if it runs leave it. No need to waste your lives." I start to close my pod and stop. "Oh, and if it needs help, help it. That'll be Zerg and Magnus patrols. Odds are the Magnus will shoot you once you deal with the parasites though, so stay on your toes. Now, seal pods." I finish closing my pod and seal it, checking the read outs. We were green.
Waiting for the drop, I start running through a series of breathing exercises and turn to meditation.
My voice comes over the speakers on the pods. "Remember Gladiators, stick together. Oorah to ashes!"

OOC: Reply with a highly enthusiastic Oorah please.
{Oorah to ashes!}
I call back.
{Oorah to ashes!}
I seal the pod, not giving the reply. I thought the mission was a bad idea, so I wasn't going to force myself to be excited about it.
I made sure that the pod was sealed up first, before strapping in and preparing to drop. I also wanted to get my rifle ready at a seconds notice. That was when I replied back just because there was nothing wrong with team encouragement. {Oorah to ashes! just don't do anything stupid down there and we should all make it through with ease.}
I hear the Gladiators reply to Captain Roslin, but I keep to my prayer, my hands clasped together and my eyes closed, along with my head down.
Let's get this done. I think to myself, and I finish my prayer, checking once more that the weapons are in place. Satisfied, I wait for the pod to launch.
{Oorah to ashes and may your shots be true.}
Julie enters her pod ready for the drop.
Noting all the privates are in their pods, I radio the Bridge. {We good up there Captain?}

{Roger that, Roslin. Drop is a go.} I chuckle and aim my next comment at Kit.

{Watch for anomalies and inform us of any sudden changes in the Parasites numbers. We'll need to know.} Sighing, I hit the drop button and all the pods are released, the Privates feeling slightly sick from the unfamiliar feeling of weightlessness.
I arrive in the control room for the Drop pods and take a seat at an empty console where I could get real time data streaming to watch parasite numbers and just in case I had to move fast and get planet side to help. {Already had that in mind Cap.}
I hadn't had all that much experience with drop pods, and it was a rather unpleasant experience. I'm glad I didn't have to do that much before. The pod goes screaming down towards the location where it should have gone, and it's hot inside. The outside's probably on fire. It gets closer, and closer, and finally....boom. It hits the ground, and I release the door. I step outside, taking in my surroundings.
{Whoo!!!} I shout into my comm as the pod rapidly accelerates towards the planets surface. I didn't have much experience with drop pods before now and started to worry as the temperature increased. In a few more minutes I feel the drop pod stop suddenly and watch the door fly off allowing me to exit. I exit the pod and make sure to grab my weapons before heading to the rally point.
The weightlessness was different. But something that I had encountered before but had never truly experienced. The pod was starting to break apart upon entry, flames whipping on the outside. It wouldn't be long now until I landed...

The pod crashed against the ground near some rocks and trees. Then it began to tumble and flip over. I reached unscathed but now I had to bust open the door but it was locked and jammed. {I got a small problem, my door is jammed and I can't get it to open and my restraints are stopping me from ripping it open.}
Hearing this over the radio, I respond back.

{Where are you at? Can you ping your location?}
{I don't know exactly where I'm at, and I'll activate the pods beacon if I can reach it.}

Reaching above my head was the beacon, hitting it with my fist it seemed, my location being sent to the other Gladiator.
I get it. {I'll be over there in a minute.}

I walk cautiously over to where the pod is, and see it sitting there. Looking around, and seeing nothing, I walk over to where the pod is, before yanking it open.

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