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I gave her a nod of satisfaction. "Can you pass me your knife for a second? I can't reach mine and I just need to cut these restraints off."
I hand him the knife, before turning around and checking again for potential enemies.
I carefully weave around my armor and slice off the restraints that I was attached to. Using the serrated part of the knife. Flipping it around I stood up and handed it back to the girl. "Thank you...Should we try to meet up with others or go immediately to the rendezvous point?"
I take the knife back, putting it back in it's place on my armor.

"Don't mention it. And I'm not sure, perhaps go right to the rendezvous point?"
I gave a nod as I grabbed my rifle, for the pistol was already on the side of my armor. "Five meter spread? Take it easy so we don't do anything stupid. Scan them before you shoot."
"Alright." I say, before starting to go the way of the meeting point.
"When we get there let's hide behind some cover or something. We might be able to keep an eye on things while we wait. I would rather hide then get killed as soon as we get there. For all we know... We are the only ones that landed."
"Sounds like a plan, the point isn't far ahead. And I sure as hell hope they all landed."
My pod lands and I get out drawing my Typhon.

OOC: will not be returning for a little while campaign calls me.
The rendezvous point came into view, my rifle at the ready. "It just seems so quiet..."
I nod.

"Want to split up and secure the place?"
I point out at someone in view. "Looks like one of them landed after all." It was Jarlburg.
"Good. I'd hate to be stuck down here alone." I say, before moving forward again, looking around to make sure there weren't any potential hostiles nearby. "Let's make sure we're alone at this point, I'd hate to have everyone arrive to an ambush."
I smiled, putting a hand on her shoulder, then pointing at some of the cover around us. "Easy... Ambush the ambushers if there are any? We might as well defend this point in defensible and hide able location."
"Yeah, that would work. I hope they don't have any trouble reaching here though." I say, walking up to the cover, setting up a somewhat defensible position.
I let Jarlburg know that we were both here before I went over to the girl, readying my rifle. "This is going to be so fun... Now this is what I don't understand? They want us to help the Magnus, that I can understand... But the Zerg?"
I nod in agreement.

"Yeah, I really don't understand it either. You'd think our mission would be to kill the Zerg, if nothing else. I don't know, I don't trust Zerg. I'm paranoid that they'll rise back up and try and destroy humanity again. Hopefully command knows what they're doing."
"Here's the thing, you can't trust the Zerg like you said... We can't communicate with them and we are just a big feast for them as well as a tool to use in battle."
"Yep." I say simply, keeping an ever watchful eye on the areas surrounding us. "I'll betcha the first Magnus we see will try and kill us." I say jokingly.
As the two of you walk, the sounds of strange roaring and gunfire can be heard. Magnus gunfire.

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