Humanities Best, IV

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"Damn. We're supposed to help the Wanna go check out what's happening, and hopefully not get killed?" I ask John.
I just check to make sure my rifle was loaded before I said, "Yes... But I still don't trust this whole Zerg idea... Everyone they killed... Everything that they have done... I still wont accept that, no matter who's in charge of them even if it's that damned !@#$% herself."
I nod, before taking off towards the gunfire, no point in wasting time.
I grunt in relief as gravity kicks back in, my drop pod burning through the atmosphere...

...Landing with a vicious jolt, I hit the release and jump free. Orienting myself, I start off towards the rally point, quickly traversing the ground with short bursts from my jets.
"Sorry I have been gone the last," I pause and count, "three days, right? So just give me a recap. I am feeling lazy and tired as hell. Just look at my posts in other threads around this time."
Um... we've dropped to the planet on a (somewhat) diplomatic mission, I don't think your char is with us.
His recruit is with us. SF, just have your person land on the planet, then I'll do mine and be done with it.
I make a slight gesture acknowledging Stephany and John before stopping to see where the noise where coming from.
Julie pops out of her drop-pod, her Typhon at the ready. It was an uncomfortable experience, and she was still a little uncoordinated from the impact, but she was alive.
My pod crashes to the ground, and the door opens. I step out, Sniper Rifle in hand as I scan my surroundings. Finding nothing hostile so far, I turn on the radio.
{This is Captain Arcadia. I'm on the ground, moving to find a good high-point near the base to provide sniper support.} I leave the radio on, and start making my way toward the base, to find a good spot.
The screech of my pod flying through the air is heard right before the deep bass of the landing. Popping the door off, I step out, my weapons in place and Typhon in hand. {All Gladiators, roll call. Once all Privates are at the rally point, you're to begin your operation.}

When Stephany and John reach the site, they see a few parasites with blackish green skin color, clawed hands, and a spear like tail with stalks on top of their heads sweeping back attack several Paululus' and Darsalins with a Safrillion leading them.
On sight I began to scan the parasites to see if they were Zerg related... They weren't. "Open fire on the parasites... I just did a basic scan and they aren't Zerg."
"What the hell? Should we fire?" I ask John, noting the radio call.
I gave a nod... "Fire."
I bounce in, arriving at the rally point;
{Private Stefson, here.}
I immediately start to fire, only at the parasites, with my SMG. The rounds spray out fast, and I grab some cover behind them, before reloading and continuing to try and suppress the parasites.
I dove for the cover as well, almost back to back as I called in. {Conner and Stephany here. We're already near a fight between your parasites and our Magnus friends. We are already giving them help.}
The Magnus troops appear grateful, if not slightly suspicious, and the parasites turn and act confused, clearly they weren't expecting an attack from the rear. Stephany's rounds, as a result, manage to kill three, leaving a total of 7 left.
{Private Talena reporting sir!} I say shortly before arriving at the rally point.
From cover, I continue firing rounds at the parasites, clearly missing the Magnus troops.

{We're outnumbered by the Magnus though, so we might be in trouble if they turn on us.} I add.

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