Humanities Best, IV

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Reaching around cover I did the same thing, firing a few rounds at the parasites. "If only we had grenades!"
Four more parasites fall to the barrage and the remaining three retreat, howling and screeching as they go. The Safrillion calls out. "Ojunktu Humanis!" (Come out Humans.)
Looking at John, wondering how to respond, I stand still, but show my helmet after a few seconds. Nothing more though, as I didn't want to expose myself to their fire.
The call comes out again, only in struggled English. "Come out humans! We swear not to hurt you so long as you do not hurt us!"
Not trusting them, but not seeing any other decent option, I step out from where I am.

"We do not mean harm to you." I say, hoping they can understand.
I decide to walk up near them, my rifle in a tight grip. "Tell me if you can... Do you know what the hell is going on here?"
{Captain Roslin, what is it you want done?} Julie asks into the radio.

I paced in the briefing room, my leg still hurt to put weight on, but it would be fine by the end of the week.
The Safrillion speaks again, once more in difficult English. "We believe you mean us no harm, and as for what is happening, we do not know. The Parasite shouldn't have been able to come here."

{Did you not pay attention in the briefing? Oh that's right, you were sulking. Meet the other privates at the rally point and and then find somewhere for our tanks.}
"It's elsewhere? Do you know what it is?" I ask, puzzled.
"Only the Enlightened Ones know, and from what the Arbiter can tell us, they are not even sure. We only know that, despite our best efforts, it spreads."
Julie scowls and heads to the rally point, her weapon ready.
"Interesting. There are more of us humans here, perhaps you would like to talk with our leaders?"
I look around searching for a piece of high ground that would give a better view of the area.
"No, we must return to our base, but we will inform the Arbiter of your help and presence."
"Thank you. I guess we'll be on our way." I say, turning and heading back towards the rally point.
The Magnus troops begin their own long walk back to the base.
I arrive, slightly late, to the rally point.

"Captain here?"
{Jarlburg here.} I cautiously scan the area looking for anything hostile.
I arrive right behind Stephany. "Sorry about being late, me and her were helping our friends... They agreed that they wont shoot at us as long as we don't shoot at them."

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