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I walk along towards the Zerg encampment, watching for any parasites. This whole thing could become a mess in a heart beat and I wasn't going to allow it to.
I nod to Stephany and John;
"Not yet, probably scouting ahead."
I listen to the chatter over the COM and shake my head. {Look, I'm not coming to the rally point, no time. Once all the Privates arrive, you are to find that spot for our tanks.}
I look out over the battlefield, laying down. The scenery nearby let me blend in, keeping me from prying eyes that didn't have any forms of sensors. I keep myself in the shadows.
{In position. Standing by for targets.}
Julie arrives at the rally point finding most of the others there. "'Sup guys?"

I looked upon the planet through the map at the briefing room and notice something we hadn't seen before. A small area that was crowded by trees, and something was there, I couldn't make out an exact shape, even with Shadowfax zooming in on that position, but it was big, had sharp claws, and as black as night; I had never seen such a thing, so it was safe to assume it was something that had to do with the Parasites. "Alert Roslin. He needs to know this." I was exiting the briefing room when I realized something. The thing was quite close to the rally point. "Well, sh!t." Even if Roslin was told he was not going to be able to get there fast enough and Mikaela was a sniper, she could lay down some powerful fire, but she wouldn't be expecting it.
I stop and take cover as a group of parasites run by, the ones that Stephany and John had seen. {Mikeala, can you still see the recruits?}
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{Look, I'm not coming to the rally point, no time. Once all the Privates arrive, you are to find that spot for our tanks.}

I reply, quickly scanning the nearby area for a good drop point.
I zoom the scope, with the scope dot hovering over the recruits as I focused on them. I zoom out a bit and move the dot up further.
{Yes, I have eyes on them. Why, problem?} I reply, while Solace scans through the scope for heat signatures.
{Not that I've been informed of. Just wanted to make sure one of us had eyes on.} The last one vanishes and I start walking again, watching for more. "God, this is quieter than we'd planned..."
I turn to Julie.

"Glad to see you made it."
"Sorry I was late." She says with a shrug. She hears what sounds like a growls but pays no attention to it.

Shadowfax pops up in Roslin's HUD. The recruits may be in danger. Winterfield has just detected something we had missed. There is something large, and likely hostile nearby the rally point. You may want to ask for Kit to come down, or rush to the rally point.
"Hello... Julie. Meet anything fun on the way here? Me and Stephany found some Magnus and parasites duking it out and we saved their asses... Those parasites though... They are smart?"
I stop and look back, cursing under my breath. "Neither one will make it in time." I set a new rally point and send it to all the Privates. {Move from that position. A new parasite species is near your position and is confirmed dangerous. Move to the new coordinates.}
Hearing this, I shrug. "Let's move then." I say, before starting to walk towards the new coordinates.

{Any idea what it is, in case we have to deal with it?}
{Shadowfax hasn't told me anything other than a high threat level. If you engage, hit it with everything you got.}
"Not a thing. But sounds like I missed a party." Julie responds. She hears the message. "Well, time to go!" She quickly started moving to the new rally point and the growls were getting louder.
{And if bullet fire does jack !@#$ to it?} I reply into the com as I step on it, keeping an eye out for whatever could be making that sound.
{You've got two rocket launchers and grenades. I said EVERYTHING.} I stop as I hear a screech near me and curse, holstering the rifle and drawing the double bladed sword, putting the two blades together.
{Be advised, I have eyes on incoming parasites. They'll be on the original rally site in what looks like the next eight minutes. I'll engage if they start getting too close to you guys.} My voice comes over the radio.
"Let's get a move on then." I say, quickening my pace to a jog.

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