Humanities Best, IV

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I nod, taking to the tree branches with a burst from my jets;
{I have point.}
I say, queuing up a full rack (6) of arrows to my bow.
"Right...." I switch from my shotgun to my rocket launcher just to be safe as I head for the new rally point.

{I'll take the rear. I can probably set a few quick traps using my grenades.}
And...... BUMP!!!
Right, so...I have no idea where to go since the beast was SF's thing.
The large black alien storms out of the trees. It bellows and charges towards the fleeing recruits.

Julie turns and fires her Mako and reloads it as she runs.
{What in Sovrengarde is this?!!?} I fire my Marko rounds at the creature and throw a grenade towards it before reloading the rocket launcher as I run.
Moving away from the beast quickly, I turn and fire my SMG at it.
As I run towards the new rally point I fire my rifle at the creature .

I pull up what Winterfield was seeing and am immediately alarmed. I get on the captains radio frequency but mostly addressing Roslin. {Permission to drop to the new rally point Captain?}
Turning, I draw back and send an arrow into the thing's shoulder;
I curse as I see it come out and radio Mikaela. {Help them out. I'll pick up the pace to the Zerg.} I then start sprinting towards the Hive Cluster. I only hoped it was still active. {Denied Kit, they can handle it. Just give them a chance. I want an Imp on stand by though.}
I open fire on the approaching parasite creature, Solace taking details about it and giving me its best guess on where to fire.
{Hurry up! You all need to get out of there.} I change channels to Captain Roslin.
{We have a massive creature charging for the recruits. I'm engaging it right now.}
The arrow seemed to deflect off its shoulder and it swipes up Eric them hurls him to the front of the group. Thanks to the armor Eric only felt a lot of pain.
Just how big is this thing? because Eric (is/was) up in a tree.
{I know, I know. I'm moving fast as I can, but it's still another 5 klics to the Hive.} Suddenly a great rumbling starts and an Ultralisk comes from under the ground near the Privates, slicing the parasite's arm off with it's Kaiser blades as several Hydralisks and Roaches also unborrow and fire on the parasite.
"About as tall as an Ultralisk."

Julie sees the Ultralisk and the other Zerg. "Well that's even better!" She says sarcastically and goes to her physical limit of speed.
Grunting in pain, I right myself in midair land in a tree with help from my jets;
{Ah... Roslin? I think the zerg found us...}
I say, relaying the fight through my head cam.
Shocked to see the Zerg, I keep running, though I see the battle has turned in our favor. I notice Eric, and hustle over near him.

"You hurt?"
I grit my teeth and pass along Roslins command to the person in charge of the drop-pod control. When I turn back to the screen I see the zerg arrive and tremble slightly. Perhaps it was best that I remain here for now.

I stop firing over my shoulder as the zerg arrive and go into a dead run for the new rally point.
I look down from my perch;
"I'll be fine... just a sore as hell."
I turn and target the Ultralisk next if it decide to try to make us lunch next. I knew a few of the more critical weak spot from when my people had fought them before and passed this knowledge to its recruits.

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