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I was ready for anything that the zerg might try, I had spared several times with feral zerg and was taught many of their tricks that we had on record.
"So you say you are lead by a council?" I direct the question towards the hunter killer.
The Hunter Killer nods. "After Kerrigan was able to destroy the Hive Mind that had bound ussssss to the Dark Voice'ssssssss will, we were free, and choossssssse different waysssssss to be led. Some continue with the brood method, though they rarely attack unlessssssssss provoked. Some a democraccccccy or republic. Then you have the groupssssssss like ussssssss. We were the Athalasssssssssss brood. Now we are the Athalasssssss Zerg, led by the councccccil of each Zerg Sssssssstrain."
"Interesting..." My voice trails off slightly. "I have never met zerg that were not organized outside of a hive mind or just plain feral."
I open the radio to a frequency only Captains use.
{Which do you want me keep an eye on? The Zerg or the Parasites?}
{The Parasites. I've got orbital cannons tracking the Zerg and a bubble shield to help me survive, and anyone who comes with the Zerg coming this way.} The Hunter Slayer sighs.

"Not many were sssssssaved from becoming feral, though there are far fewer than you ssssssssssssusssspect. Most are organized."
{Don't forget that the Orbital Cannon could risk hitting Jarlburg.} I remind Captain Roslin, before keeping my attention out in the distance.
{I wouldn't fire if I didn't have to. Don't worry, I got this.} I spot the edge of the creep and grin. I was close. I also noticed the now dead Ultralisk with several feederlings and Broodlings crawling over it, broodlords nearby. "The hell?" A Zergling unburrows in front of me and stops me.

"What is your business?" I chuckle, bowing.

"I'm here to see your leaders." It looks at me carefully, growling slightly, than nods.

"Follow me." It runs off and I follow.
"That might explain a few of the attacks from the zerg on my home planet. Some were organized and others were not. Also wouldn't the feral continue to spawn more feral?"
The Hyralisk shrugs. "Mosssssst feral Zerg turned on each other firssssst. Sssssso there would be sssssso few left, that it wouldn't matter. As for the Organized, thosssssse would be the Imperialissssst Zerg. Alwayssssssss ssssssseeking to expand their borders."
"All I know is that they couldn't gain more than an meter of ground before losing two against my people. That was before my time though..."
"The Imperialistsssss have developed in...interessssssting wayssssss. Organic tanksssssss and shipsssssss....We are still learning such things ourselves, without the aide of assimilation." The Creep comes into sight and the Hunter Killer sighs in relief as he slithers onto it. "Our Counccccccil isssss clossssse."
I sigh as a memory of trudging through creep edges into the back of my mind. "Good I am sure the captain won't be to worried about me."
"Your Captain arrived ahead of ussssss." The Hunter Killer glances back at Jarlburg almost bashfully. "We won't go back to the Hive Mind, but telepathic communication issssss very helpful."
I look at the Hunter Killer curiously. "I figured he might have..."
The Hunter Killer, relieved that Jarlburg hadn't killed him on the spot, nodded. "We will be there ssssssssssoon."
I start wondering to myself what the it meant before realizing that it had gotten a glimpse into my mind. I have my armor mix a solution into my water supply that aided in blocking telepaths from reading my thoughts though not completely, something my people had still had to develop into a complete solution.
I stand at the entrance to the Hive, waiting to go in when I see the Hunter Killer and Jarlburg. I wave. "There isssss your Captain. I will take my leave." The Hunter Killer slithers off towards what appears to be a Zerg version of a bar.

"So they sent you, Jarlburg?"
"No sir I took the initiative and proceeded to follow the Hunter Killer." I stand next to the captain after saluting him. "Didn't think the zerg were going to be telepaths out side of their little broods..." I comment as I watch the Hunter Killer slither away.
"Before you accuse the thing of reading your mind, most Zerg aren't that powerful. And the Infestor is no longer used. They wanted to start fresh. Still, I can't say I blame your mistrust."
"I don't plan on accusing it sir. Just taking a precautionary measure that my people have in dealing with hostile/potentially hostile psionics of any form. Better to be ready than still getting ready."

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