I appear to be in the wrong region.

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So I got a shiny new SSD today, reinstalled windows and re-installed WoL from Battle.net. I try to log in but I get a "account blocked for suspicious activity" message which I assume is because I'm logging in from a new windows installation.

I change my account password and log in and it asks me for a character name. Typed in my old one and discover that all my rankings have disappeared: I am playing as a new character.

I notice on that the login screen says "US" so I am guessing that I'm playing in the US rather than EU region where I have been playing and that is why I had to make a new character.

Does this sound right and if so how do I switch back to EU?

Thanks in advance.
DUDE I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM! Except, I switched from US to EU... wanna switch accounts? xD

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