From Order Comes Chaos Finally. (Story/RP)

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This a wrap up of the RP that I had started awhile ago. Anyone who wishes to continue, you know who you are, is welcome to but this is primarily to finish the RP.

Now for where we left off....

A grunt snarls at Torvus and Kayle. "They are being shuffled up here now scum." The grunt walks off.

"Right now you four wait here and take my son and the others back to Fury of Terra"

Hawk steps forward grabbing Flint Sr's shoulder. "Not gonna happen man. I know you better than that and you know me better than that. I ain't gonna leave your side till this is over."

I sigh and look at Hawk. "Then so be it my friend. Just make sure my son gets back."


A officer steps forward to address the Director. "Sir, he is here."

"Good make sure the exchange is completed. No one leaves this ship that isn't our personal." I smile deviously to myself as I was about to cut the head off of the organization that was a big pain for me. The only other person that would stand in my way was the founders daughter but I am sure that something could be worked out with her.
I glare after the grunt and slam him into the wall with the Force. He'd never know I did it, but his reaction would be rich all the same. Kayle chuckled quietly to himself as the grunt hits the wall. "Nice." I nod and rest a hand on my saber.

Returning Torvus' nod, I pull out the storm gauss rifle and watch for foul play. The Director had agreed to this exchange far too quickly, and I didn't trust it.

Once I was sure no one was watching, I slipped away and headed for the mainframe. Now I could help my own way.

OOC: Corso is underlined, Kayle bold, and Torvus normal.
The grunt is stunned for a moment and turns around once he recovers looking for the thing that pushed him. He had a puzzled look on his face when he couldn't find anyone or anything near him that could have pushed him. After a minute he left heading towards the holding cells to bring out the prisoners.

I make my way down towards the hanger where Flint and his small crew was. My personal guard was ready to enter the hanger as soon as I needed them so I knew I wouldn't have to worry to much about any surprises.

The special forces team had completed their objects and returned to the shuttle with out being noticed. {{Commander Flint. Objective complete, the warp bomb will detonate when you have Delta enter in the command function.}}

{{Understood.}} I turn to the group. "Everything is in place now we wait for the final moves of the Director."
I nod, a thoughtful look on my face. "Flint, you know this is probably a trap for all of us, right?"
I let off a small laugh. "If it wasn't then the Director is more humane than I had originally presumed. Besides it will take more than he knows to actually trap me and everyone here and I have a plan that will more than likely throw him off guard." A devious grin passes over my face, one not seen for many years.

Hawk places his face in his hand. "Oh gods protect us...."
I shake my head. "I swear, if it gets us all killed, I'll kill you." I chuckle at my joke.

I maintain watch, waiting for the prisoners.

I avoid another Watcher, quickly reaching the mainframe soon after. "Now, let's see what you're hiding..."
"Oh it won't kill us. It just gives us the one thing we need.... Time."


The mainframe yields only a flight path at the moment. It is set for Tarsonis and estimated time of departure is in ten minutes.


The Director enter the hanger with the prisoners on his right hand side.

"So I see your human side still exists Mr. Flint. I assure you that no harm will come to your comrades or you son so long as you comply to our terms."

"I will."

"Good then, if you would please." I gesture for Flint Sr to follow me.

I step forward to follow the Director, Hawk following me.

"You have a friend coming with?" I ask rather inquisitively.

"Yes, he doesn't want to leave my side. He won't be a problem trust me."

I nod an lead on towards my private quarters.
I step forward and help guide the prisoners to the drop ship, sensing three presences. Shifting my visor read out to infrared, I see three cloaked Watchers with sniper rifles. {{Flint, I just spotted three cloaked Watchers moving into position for sniping. Any ideas?}}

I help the wounded on board, watching for tricks. Too easy...what's his game...

I curse and dig deeper. "I know there's more here..."
Shield the survivors the best you can. Spec ops will be back soon and can take care of the snipers if needed.

Once we arrive in my personal quarters I turn to face Flint. "What is it that you don't get Mr Flint?"

"Such as?"

"Why I do as I must. Mutations must be controlled to help preserve our kind."

I scoff at the Director. "You should have told that to the governments past. They wanted to use mutations to progress our race. I am an example of that as you know, so are you."

"You know nothing of what I am Flint. It has been years since we served together on Braxius. I have become more than what I was and I will rule this sector and preserve our kind at what ever the cost."

I shake my head. "Those same words came from the leader of the Sons of Korhal and look where it got him."


The consul yields more info on what the Director plans to do. The weapons team has already begun to charge their weapons to fire on all Poltergeist ships in the area.
I curse and radio Flint. {{Flint, they're going to fire on our ships as soon as the drop ship leaves.}}

{{Roger.}} I continue on, but watch the snipers. This was...wrong. Humanity shouldn't be fighting each other, not after the removal of the Zerg.
Don't worry I have a surprise for them that will keep us safe. Just make sure your clear in five minutes.


The spec ops team returns to the shuttle waiting in side for further orders.
{{Alright, I'll head back then.}} I leave the mainframe, having copied all the different files I'd found to my suit's Hard drive for later review.

I signal the Spec Ops team leader over. "We've got a problem."
The team leader looks at Torvus. "Watchers in the area?"


"He was a fool and you know that Flint. Blind to the truth like you are."

"If I was blind then why would I have quarantined the lab in Agria. Those beasts do not deserve to see the light of day and I have taken measures to ensure that Broden."

I take a step back in slight shock. "You haven't called me by that name for years Flint. I am surprised that you remembered it."
I nod. "Three, up high and cloaked." I subtly point to each one. "Think you can handle it?"
The team leader grins. "That's all?" He turns and communicates to his squad what they were about to do using only hand gestures before turning back to Torvus. "Yeah we got it." The team cloaks and exits the shuttle to deal with the Watchers.

On one of the screens in the shuttle a live feed of the meeting of Flint Sr. and the Director is being displayed with audio.
I notice the feed and approach it, waiting for the meeting to start.

As I come back, I notice the feed and get Kayle's attention. "Look." I walk over to it.

Looking at where Corso was going, I approach the feed. Clever...
The meeting has already started and Flint has now stated the Director's name.
Broden? Well, seems he's at least got a real name. I lean against a wall and wait.

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