The Gates of Hell (RP; Episode 1)

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A pair of footsteps echoed down the halls of the Facility, sounding as if in sync. It is very early morning; most people in the Facility and Encampment alike are probably eating breakfast of some sort as of now, or perhaps still trying to will themselves out of bed. Labs and their equipment begin to hum to life as the internal AI time system beeps 5:30 a.m.

Outside,-which you would be able to see from either the Dome or from one of the few windows in the Facility or Barracks- it is raining still from the day before. Dark clouds loom overhead, as if suggesting that something dreadful were to happen. Nothing ever happens at the Facility though-Well; not things that couldn’t be handled in some way or form.

The owners of the set of footsteps stop at the end of the long, curved, white hallway.

“I’ll see you at lunch then Astrid?” Asked an older man’s voice; sounding a bit tired.

“Of course, I’ll try not to be late today…” After a moment’s pause from the younger girl’s voice, “…sorry about yesterday, again…Professor.” Is added.

The Professor’s voice goes a bit stern for a moment. “Don’t bring it up again Astrid. What happened yesterday is yesterday’s business…it’s a new day, a new morning. Just…” he paused, as if thinking of what to say, “Don’t…do it again.” He said with a small sigh.

The girl named Astrid smiles, and kisses the older man’s cheek. “Yes Daddy. I’ll see you for lunch.”

The Professor chuckles, “See you at lunch.”

QWERTY; the central AI system greets the Professor as he walks into his lab, eager to get back to work. His daughter then begins wandering sneakily down the halls, wondering what mischief she could get herself into today…


And here we are!

SUPERIORS-You begin in your designated living quarters within the Facility (Unless perhaps you fell asleep in your lab). Do as you will.

MILITANTS-You also begin in your designated living quarters-but within the Barracks. Do as you will.

SPECIMEN-You begin wherever you decided to spend the night in the Central Habitation. Do as you will as well.

A Mission will be available for the Militants later as we get started.


SUPERIORS-You begin work on your projects and such. You may request for Specimen to be brought to your lab for research/work reasons. You can take breaks whenever you wish; there is indeed a breakroom somewhere in the Facility…You are free to wander to any part of the Facility.

MILITANTS-Your job is to patrol the PERIMETER and the FACILITY. If you are assigned/volunteer for a Specimen Retrieval Mission (SRM), you may go do that as well. Otherwise, feel free to mosey around Casey’s bar and such and anywhere else that catches your fancy.

SPECIMEN-Your instincts tell you to survive. The Terrans may come and retrieve you for research and experimentation. You can be as willing or unwilling to be captured as you want (it is much more amusing to see the Militants scramble around trying to capture specimen than not.). Other Specimen may seek to harm you; either that or befriend you if they haven’t already.

If at some point you seek to escape, the opportunity may present itself in surprising ways.

Amber Kingston puts an "Open" sign on the door. 5:30 AM was very early in the morning but this was already second nature to her as she woke up an hour before hand to get the bar running. Standing outside, she notes the rather dreary and gray skies.

"Looks like today is another slow day..."

She closes the door behind and heads back inside.
The light stung my eyes... as it had for every day in my life... I slowly arose from my slumber, having taken shelter within the husk that was once my birthright... This hive was, is, and always will be mine... just as through me it was my own Queen's before me... To be tasked with this duty is one of great honor... and I only let out a small sigh as I stare into the hole at the top of the Hive, seeing the light pour in from above. This was nothing new, and I staggered to my feet- talons, with the knowledge that today they may come... experiment on me like the did the others...

I understood why they did it... understood why we were their subjects... they wanted knowledge... in that we shared a common goal.
I simply wanted to learn. I wanted to know everything there was about this world we lived in... there had to be more than this metal ball we were trapped in... something else...

I longed for the young Terran girl to come again... she kept me such great company here in the Hive... she tended to the Larvae sometimes... I could tell that they enjoyed her as well... Speaking of which, I pried open one of the sinewy openings on the side of the Hive, slowly crawling out with a dramatic sigh, stretching my limbs outwards, my chest bending backwards, my backside shivering a little, and my head facing the roof of the dome. A feeling of pleasure coursed through me, and I grinned, letting my head slouch a little- trying to ward off the tiredness that plagued me.
A small chittering grabbed my attention, bringing it to the larvae, squirming around and playing with the Creep, the tentacles coming out of their heads soaking in the nutrients that kept them alive. I walked over to one, which was beginning to curl up, and hold it in my claws, bringing it up to my face for inspection. It appeared dead... until it sensed it's proximity to me, thrashing out and draping it's tendrils on my face with a delighted squeal. I chuckled, placing it back on the ground and petting it slowly, watching it purr. The others quickly took notice of this, and began to fight over who would receive my care next.
From what I had learned... my kind was hated... and for good reason. Even though I was unfortunate enough to be born into this bloodthirsty and widespread race... It was times like these... watching my tiny Larvae feel safe with me... that I enjoyed my miserable existence.
Savage drops off one of the dead trees in the habitations and looks around, his red eyes scanning across the creep for any signs of movement. He needed some breakfast. His eyes settle upon a small hill of creep with feederlings scurrying around. He strides over and grabs about three and absorb them before heading back to his tree, the energy already increasing his strength.

Derek wakes up with his face laying upon a steel table-top. He realizes he had slept in his lab again. "Verdomme. Ik had mezelf beloofd om dat niet te weer doen." He mutters in his native tongue as he gets up and stretches.

"By the way, I found the perfect Cortex map."
Eyes flit about, the brickwork blurs by. A pair of footsteps echo down the alleyway, a lone young man dashes by.

No time, keep running. Lose them.

No time notimenotimeNOTIME!

Dashing down the alleyway, weaving amid the trash. A pair of voices . Yelling from the rear. A quick corner turn, a dead end. Eyes widen in horror. The voices grow louder-


A pair of faintly blue eyes snap open. Gentle panting can be heard, echoing about the small room, along with the gentle smell of sweat. With a slow hand, Darren brushes the hair out of his face, closing his eyes once again. Letting out a mmild chuckle, the man swings his feet off of his bed, and calmly rising to his feet, he proceeds to get dressed, proceeding through his morning routine.

That dream, why does it still haunt me so, even three years later? he questions himself, peering gently into the mirror. A pair of tired eyes gaze back, taking due note of his wet blond hair, still moist from a shower. With a sigh, he attacks it with a towel before taking a comb to it. Putting everything away, he dons his usual attire: A simple black outfit, with a loose-fitting black coat. Taking a small music player out, and puts on some gentle piano music, while fitting one of its headphones into his ear, its other brother giving out the music to his room.

With a swift twirl, he turns to the door, and places his hand on it, contemplating if he forgot anything...

OC: Are there any security measures in place in the facility dealing with the rooms?
OC: Define security measures.
OC: AI driven locks, key-card slots, laser-guided auto turrets... Y'know, general stuff that would require ulterior intervention.
I awake and stretch out in my soft bed. I lazily open my eyes and look at the chronometer on my night stand. 7:30 am I groan and get up heading for the shower that was attached to my room (Along with other such facilities). I shower quickly, dry off, get dressed and leave for my lab.

OOC: darn DA chat ... won't let me in
@SF what is the 'Perfect Cortex map'?
02/14/2013 04:12 PMPosted by TheLostMorph
OOC: darn DA chat ... won't let me in
OC: The AI controls everything. You do, infact, have an ID card on your (All personnel do) that tells the AI where it is allowed for you to go. You don't have to do anything. The AI will open doors as you walk towards them, unless they are restricted to you. The ID card is made special so the AI can track where you are, what you are doing, etc.

As for laser-guided auto, xD But there are hidden Security Turrets installed into the ceilings of the Living Quarters. They sorta pop down from the ceiling if there are any threats detected from the AI.

There is also, of course, and alarm in each room. That tells you if something has escaped from the Habitation. If you are in the room, it will bolt lock you in it; and send an extra layer of Zyphosteel sliding down the front of the door; the side that faces the hallway.
"Well. I forgot there was an outside area in Hell's Gate. So never mind. It was Station 6. If we are to continue this it should go into Pre-RP. "
An alarm. In a panic I glanced around the medi-vac finally settleing on a nice flashing red light. As if on Que a sweet female voice came over the speakers, "This is your Captain speaking. Don't soil yourself ladies, but were going down. We got Id say... Fourty-five seconds? Oh shi-" All we heard was the Woosh! of air being sucked out, followed by myself.
"I'm awake I'm awake! Will you cut that out! God damn it Jeeves! I nearly soiled myself!" I swear, if Automatons sneered, he just did.
"I told you Dr. McCain, and I will again, If you don't wake up by oh-five-hundred-thirty you aren't going to like me."
I grumbled, "Useless piece of junk"
"I heard that!~"
Groaning I pushed myself onto the floor with the familiar Thunk! of me hitting my rug. Standing up and brushing myself off I staggered toward my dresser glancing at the Identical white jumpsuit with a blue-cross on the chest of a Chief Medical officer. Snatching one of these up along with a towel he trudges over to his tiny bathroom. Hopping in the shower I quickly soaped myself and my scalp and hopped out. After quickly drying myself off I hopped into my jumpsuit and grabbed my blue lab-coat and cap walking out the door.
"Jeeves, Lets roll out." So we started walking towards the medbay.
I wake up in my bunk with the edge of a headache starting to work its way in. I grab my basic fatigues and head over to the mess hall to start with breakfast and coffee, mostly consuming coffee. I grumble as I make my way down there to myself as I remember that I had patrol in a few hours. Hopefully something interesting would happen to day to break the dull repetitiveness of my routine work.

I grinned as I walked down the halls. I had my heart set on a PSC at the moment. Considering the rain outside, there wasn't much to be done out there today. No, today would be a great day to go into the Habitation again...I'd already returned little Zara to her mother a few days ago. I think it was about time little Feffi to come with me...or maybe Sol...

"Kiiiiiruuuuu," I sing into the white and gray band on my wrist. "Wanna locate the nearest Portable Stasis Chamber for me, please? I have some errands to run this morning~"

A male-sounding voice replies. "Getting into mischief are we? So early in the morning Astrid?" Kiru chimed back at me.

"Pfffft. It is never too early for mischeif Kiru. Plus, if you were like me, and had nothing better to do with your time, wouldn't you want to have at least some fun?" I reply.

"That, I could not say." Kiru answered, then added, "I believe if you go into...Mr. Darren Losar's lab, there is one in there."

"Thankyou Kiru." I say with a smile, then begin my journey to the Superior's laboratory.
IC: i awoke. I was in a sort of round dome. some sort of artificial habitat. two marines stood at the door as i was sprawled at the entrance. "have fun with the other deadbeats" one of them growled and then the door slid shut. I was in a strange new world, so foreign, it was eat or be eaten..... now i'm hungry.
Subject #1353634 paces around the habitation area. She had a name at one point, but it, along with most other past memories, were gone. In its place was a unceasing desire to serve the Swarm, and a red, deep haze for the desire of destruction and killing. She hisses to herself, her mutated arms shifting again. No one knew what exactly it would end up as. Not even the host knew, for reasons not exactly known. The shifting stops, and her right hand had become the size of a man's torso while her left become shriveled and limp. She attacks a nearby tree, breaking through the trunk of it as if she were hitting paper with a sledgehammer.
Surveying the activity around me, I slowly trace two wide circles around the dying Hatchery, floating at a comfortable altitude just below the roof of the Central Habitation. I glance over at the floor of the facility, where the Queen, Zelia, is tending to her larvae near one of the Hatchery's five "arms". I look away as I settle into a hover at the very summit of the dome.

This was my favourite location in the facility, as it provides a perfect location where I am able to see the area in it's entirety. A pair of Zerglings are having a minor scuffle over by the edge of the dome's wall, though they break away from each other after a short time, with no apparent injuries to either of them. That was a good thing. The Terran scientists, who keep us in here for their experiments and research, are never pleased when their "specimens", as they call us, are injured.

Not that most of them actually care about us. If they did, they would not be subjecting us to these tests that they run, nor would they speak about us in the way that they do. No, the only reason that they care is that their superiors don't like it, that, and the fact that it makes their research more difficult.

I wait, silently, for the sound of doors opening. Typically someone will show up to check on if any of the "specimens" are wounded after there is a fight, but today nobody appears. Interesting. This must be one of the few occasions when they manage to miss something like this. They are almost always watching us, though we cannot always see them. They have cameras planted in the dome's structure, many of them, and over the years that I have been here I have found each and every one of them.

Even shot one on a particularly dull day, but from such an angle that the scientists believed the spine to have been from a nearby Hydralisk. The Hydralisks have a tendency to be irritating. That particular one had shot at me once, while in a fight with another specimen. I do not forget these things, nor do I feel any remorse when I take revenge on those who commit them. Most of these fellow Zerg around me are not worthy of my feelings toward them. They are slaves to the Hive Mind, and have no free will. Killing them is no worse than removing a single finger from a human, and even less due to the number of members in the Swarm. They replaced the camera that night and took the Hydralisk into one of their labs. I have not seen it since.

As much as they watch us though, I watch them. They study us, I study them. They do not know. For now though, I wait. Wait and watch until something unexpected happens that I can take advantage of. I am sick of living here.
"7:30 and only a handful has shown up. Hm...I should probably work on that menu in the meantime. Perhaps I should consider opening up later? After all, it is a bar and not a lot of people drink early. Make it a dinar? No, there's the cafeteria for that. Might need to renegotiate that contract..."
IC: " skipping..... i'm skipping..... i'm skipping skipping skipping" i sang. as i walked over a large hill i find a hatchery. On the edge of the hatchery i find 2 zerglings fighting. "dinner" i growl

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