The Gates of Hell (RP; Episode 1)

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02/15/2013 06:26 PMPosted by Sixel
"Eh, I had half a bowl of cereal this morning, this whole day has been a pain so far." *sips some of the scotch*

"That's the general feeling around these parts. Our CEO pushing you for results?"

"I'll have a vodka."

Commervac took off his mask and set it down on the bar.

"Yikes! You scared me! Do try not to do that again. Here's your vodka."

Why are ghosts so scary?

Amber look at the first customer's empty seat. "Must've left when I wasn't looking. At least he paid his bills," she mutters to herself.

I stare blankly at the man who just walked out from the brush. I think I recognized him as Jake...that one guy I always walked past at the Encampment when I went about my pokety business/trying to play 'find Commervac' (it was a particularly fun game).

At the moment though, my brain was trying to process HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW?

I briefly hiss into my wristband. "KIRU. What gives? You're supposed to tell me when I ought to get my butt in gear to not be seen..."

Kiru didn't respond at first. "There must have been a Hiccup in my system...sorry Astrid..." he sounded unsure. That definately wasn't something Kiru did often.

I glance up at Jake, and respond. "What are you doing here." It sounded more like a very angry statement than a question.

The worst part of this was...was the fact I had that awful feeling in my stomach again.

I see the infested consume the plant as well, before moving toward an unprotected Larva.
Does he never know when to just give up..., I think to myself as I fire a spine so that it explodes at his feet.

"You forget that I am watching. Leave now, or the next shot will pass through your head, and you will spend the rest of your existence as a crystalline pile of debris."
Due to the infected being an annoying prick, the plant sprouted from his stomach and grew out of him... Mostly because infected couldn't absorb. They were so clueless.

I got up stiffly, and glared at the sudden appearance of the man in the trenchcoat.

"Commervac, I swear to God..."

"I've shut off his communication abilities between him and your father." Kiru whispered from my own band. "That should at least buy you some time..."
{I wasn't hired to follow regulations, in case you forgot. Now walk away or you'll know what it feels like to be a Zergling on the receiving end of my rifle.} I turn back to Astrid. "Making sure you're not trying to sneak something out. However, noting the stasis pod, I'll say you are."
My talons scoop up the Larva, knowing that the other ones were safe with the Spine Crawlers. I look up at the Watcher, and point to the Larva in my arms. 'Shoot anyone who tries to get to them, I would appreciate it...' I turned back to Astrid, nodding at her thoughts.
'I understand... I really do... and one day... perhaps we'll be able to get away... I'd take care of you if we did... Though I'm not sure how you'd like to lick up creep when you were hungry...'
I turned to the newcomer, and frown.
"Excuse me... Her father and I have had an agreement in the past... As long as she is within my sight I am tasked with her protection. There is no reason to be paranoid about her being here. Please, sit and talk with us."
{Really, because everytime you think you've snuck past me, I've had you in my sights the whole time. Walk away.} I raise my visor and glare hard at the place the magnetics had picked him up, my eyes showing that I was perfectly serious. "I suppose I can do that as soon as the f*cker upstairs clears out."

God damn it...more !@#$ing tech from what's his face now, I bet... I thought to myself. Something told me that he was farther away...maybe it was my senses. I had been getting better with them...

"Commervac, this does not concern you...Just get the hell out. And I swear, if you tell my father...I will freaking kill you..."
I looked back at the screen... The plant showed good progress, but it began to evolve on itself, independent from our research. That just wont due. But we could observe for now.
I frown a bit.
"I'm sorry, I believe you have me mistaken, sir. I would rather not kill anyone here."
I stand up again, stretching and taking a deep breath, before turning to Astrid again.
I just wish that things could calm down like they used to...
{Clearly to be an @ss.} I hit a small mobile pointed aim EMP device on my suit, the project I'd been working on, that hits Commervac dead on, killing all his suits functions, including the holograms. His wrist band beeps. {Bug off.} The only bad thing was I was still working on it, so it only had one shot.
"meh if you blow it off i'll grow it back." i say "but i urge you not to try. say scientist can i get more mutagen?"
I move next to Astrid, sitting down again. "You two could just shut up and attempt to make nice with things? It's not like I'm trying to gut anyone... And if an 18 year old woman feels fine just sitting right next to me, then why don't you two just put your radios down and just talk this out like thinking Men."
I chuckle. {I'm a merc, dip sh!t. Martial punishment won't touch me. And have fun killing something even the Swarm couldn't.} I indicate my scar and look at Zelia. "Because it's too much fun making that guy squirm."

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