The Gates of Hell (RP; Episode 1)

Joeyray's Bar
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Subject #1353634 watches the exchange, her arms finally stabilizing. Her right arm had become a Spine Shooter, whereas her left arm became a long blade, almost like the Ultralisk scythe, only smaller. Her legs looked as though creep had infested it, and it would leave creep wherever she stood. She turns her attention to where Astrid was, then turned her attention back to Jake.
Slightly amused, I speak again to the infested, flying a bit higher.

"Then you clearly do not understand how these spines work. If I were to shoot you, you would disintegrate into a shapeless pile of crystalline matter. Permanently."
I fold my arms. Kiru whispers something to me, and the widest of grins spreads on my face.

"Hey, Jake, listen to this..."

I speak into the wristband. "Hey, Commervac. Did you know that I outrank you?"

I have never felt something so satisfying in my life as saying those words.
I was used to this brand of terrorism, and sigh as blood sprays out from the Hive, beginning to try and mend the wounds the man just caused.
"You know... There are some people who make me long to be human..."
I turn to Astrid and grin.
"That one... is not one of them."
I chuckle as Astrid pulls rank and take a seat on a stump near by. I had a...phobia of sorts when it came to creep. I hated sitting in it. "Can't say I blame you. Guys like him make me miss my time with the Protoss."
i start walking around the hive poking at things here and there
"Well sir, you see," I begin,

"You own and have a Standard, Military-Personnel wristband ID."

"I happen to own, a 2nd-Degree Priority ADMIN wristband ID. According to AI records, because of my ID...I outrank you sir." I say, my smile still present on my face.

I change channels briefly on my wristband. "Kiru, I love you so much."

"I'm sure, Miss Williams." Kiru replies with an amused voice.
I laugh at her, and sigh, leaning back. I snap my fingers, chuckling at something else I knew.
"Also, Mr. Commervac, I am the only thing keeping the Zerg in this habitation safe for experimentation. If I was unable to condition them or train them, then this facility would be facing against a unified Zerg Force, growing from the inside. If you would please, learn your place."
I cough a bit at his retort, and sigh.
"I would also like to kindly ask you to go to the Med-Bay, get a human sexual enhancer, and use it to go kindly f*ck yourself."
I had no idea what any of that meant, but I heard Astrid say it a long time ago... so why not?
Finally finished with the application, I opened up my blue wristband and opened up the communications selecting: Prof. Williams.
"Hey Professor. I have a new request form here for you, were kinda low on high dosage anesthetics. Your going to need to approved it. I'm sending a copy over to you now." After attaching the form, I sent the it over to the Professor's band. Looking down, hearing my stomach growl, much like a disgruntled Zergling, I frown.
"You know what that means Jeeves?"
"Im finally going to get out of this stupid Automaton and into your band?"
"Not on your life."
"I don't have a life."
"Good point..." I roll my head side to side at the automaton. "Why do you want to get in my band anyways? You have access to anything and everything in medbay."
"No reason."
I eye the automaton up and down for a moment knowing that the only way to find out what he was actually planning, was to let him do it. And I've been with Jeeves long enough to know better.
"Lets go to the bar Jeeves, I'm starving."
"Onwards my valiant knight!"
"I hate you."
"You've said that Eight-hundred and seventy-two times. But whose counting?"
I rolled my eyes walking out of med bay and towards the military base and its bar. What in the world is a Knight anyways?
I sigh, an arrogant Zerg walking away after he thought he could absorb the flora... The arrogance from him. But it was bringing and appetite and a thrill to do something reckless and crazy. Maybe I should grab my running gear and run in the habitat. I had a devilish grin on my face. That would be fun to do if I don't die. That is if the Queen I heard about doesn't lose control. But it's always safe to be safe than sorry.
Subject #1353634 begins to pace around, flexing the muscles in her right arm, causing a spine to occasionally fire out to the ground.
I flinch at his words.

"Commervac. I order you not to tell my father of my presense in the Habitation. Doing otherwise counts as disobeying orders; and I do believe I have choice in punishment for doing such a thing as disobeying orders." I reply; using a stern voice that sounded very alien to how I usually act and talk.

I lean forward. "That punishment could be anything. And you know I have access to QWERTY."

OC: Put this after the below post. Btw Nuk, I love your character, <3
I laughed a bit again.
"Indeed I do. I want to see the world, what lies behind this dome. Is that not what all caged beings do? We aren't just monsters... we aren't them... We want freedom, but we also understand that if we suffer we will eventually get what we feel we deserve."
Becca walks into the bar and sits down at the counter. "Drink, please. Don't care what."
I yell out real loud as I change into my jogging uniform, a sleeveless shirt that revealed a slight tone in my muscles and the ink. While wearing long pants and boots. Time to go joggin' in the habitat room! "TIMOTHY YOU'RE IN CHARGE WHILE I'M GONE MY MAN!"

Timothy replied with a stern, "Don't do anything stupid like last ti-" But it was to late, I already ran out.

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