The Gates of Hell (RP; Episode 1)

Joeyray's Bar
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02/15/2013 07:43 PMPosted by KnarledOne
Becca walks into the bar and sits down at the counter. "Drink, please. Don't care what."

"Here's some tap water."
I chuckle a bit, looking at Astrid.
"You wouldn't understand... even if I were to die... I would live on through the next Queen... This Hive and all those a part of it are me, and I am them... the Next Queen will be no different... My previous Queen lives in me even now... and this Hive is still hers... and yet mine at the same time. I will eventually have freedom for my kind. We will prove that there is hope for redemption... That is my dream, Commervac... and I hope you can understand that you treating me as a f*cking animal is doing you no favors."
I had grabbed a few items from the room before I left... After all, I ain't that stupid. Looking at my waist was the pistol, loaded with sedatives as well as several rounds just in case I needed them... Only when I really needed to, that took the fun out of it after all.

I had been warming up as I jogged to the chamber.
I listen to the exchange, chuckling. Seems I wasn't the only one the man pissed off.
"Morning, sir. I'd like to show you my progress with this agent." I say, gesturing for him to come further in.
/Professor Williams/

"Ah, yes." I follow his gesture inside.
Becca drinks the water with a sour look. "Gee, thanks. How much do I owe you?"

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I shake my head. "Man is in need of a serious beating. Given half a chance, I'd be glad to kick his @ss."
"As you can see," I start pointing to the ultra-secured Zergling. It was running around, attacking the glass. Poor thing, too stupid to realize the futility. "...I have the specimen secured. If you're ready, I can release the agent, and hopefully neutralize the creature."
I jogged past Commervac in a hurry, I really wanted that run. Going, "WOOP WOOP!" Almost like a young teenager... The golden days I called them.

Infuriated, I shut off the communicator a bit harshly, and stand up, running both hands through my short curly hair.


/Professor Williams/

Well, this sounds at least interesting...I thought.

I give the Doctor a smile, and say cheerily, "Well, let's begin, shall we?"
I rest a hand on Astrid's shoulder. "I don't know anyone in this whole damn place that doesn't. Still, until my contract is up, or his usefulness, I can't kill him without repercussions."
I put the glasses up, I didn't need them to see... Just made me look more professional. But in my pocket was also a small holopad. I was also going to examine my experiment up close. That's when I took my sacrifice towards a new level! Almost getting killed for a run!

I grit my teeth. I didn't want his hand on my shoulder. I didn't want to be touched right now-mostly because I felt like exploding.

I most certainly didn't need to explode on the merc...

"I really need to go hit something..." I mutter, and I walk hurriedly away into the brush, glancing now and then at my wristband, checking the map with the red dots on it again.
I look at Zelia. "I'm guessing she's going to go find something small enough it can't effectively fight back?"
I watched her storm off, and turn to Jake. "S-Sorry... I'll go check on her..." I begin to follow frantically searching for her. My mind is screaming urgency at the moment.
ASTRID. Where are you going?
I was in the center now. Time for some crazy !@#$ happening dumb %^- fun.Some people might find this brave, others find it stupidity, I find it... Relaxing and challenging. That's when I began my crazy stunt.

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