The Gates of Hell (RP; Episode 1)

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Ignoring Zelia, I pause at a small clearing in the jungle-like Habitation. Two zerglings were fighting over a scrap of...something...I almost gag at the sight of the mangled carcass of what used to be some sort of creature...

Zelia...are they yours... I ask, not wanting to harm any of her children. I knew she could hear me, whether I was reaching out with my mind or not.
Nodding, I turn on the machine. It makes a whirling, blender-like sound. Several clear glass domes fall over the target, ensuring no leakage. It was needed, for safety. Up in the corner of the initial dome, a small hose-like thing pops from the wall, a hissing sound is heard as it releases....something. Some air gets a violet ting to it, and it slowly moves it's way toward the Zergling. I watch, keenly, intent on what is about to happen. The Zergling senses something wrong, and begins moving, moving away from the ting. The violet color gets more concentrated, and seemingly chases the poor creature across the room. It finally reaches the Zergling.

It starts to crouch, then suddenly it leaps, leaps a dozen feet in the air. It starts throwing itself against walls, smashing both it's wings in the process. It's veins becomes visible, pulsing with blood. It lets out a high-pitched squeal, a horrid noise, and continues it's actions for about 15 seconds. Then, suddenly, it stops. It vomits out a liter of blood, and drops to the floor, dead. I watch the whole thing on a machine that shows what's happening in it's body, and I am very pleased. The body mutates, and thinks it's bleeding. In response, it creates more blood, but, too much more.

The agent makes much more of it's body than normal into a blood-producing-tissue, and so it starts to flood it's own body with it's blood. Beautiful. The veins and arteries all throughout the body burst, and the heart bursts as well. It is over in only 30 seconds. It is lethal.

"Well..." I say, wondering what Chris would say.
Subject #1353634 walks over to the Hatchery. She sees another infested poking around the Hatchery, and her mood becomes slightly worse, growing by the minute. She had the desire to kill something, and the infested poking around was making her mood worse.
/Professor Williams/

"Well..." I say, my eyes wide. "I must say, I'm glad I came before lunch, rather than afterward.." I throw in a bit of a chuckle after that, partially for my own sake. I'd never had much of a stomach for such things, but I'd grown to at least tolerate it over the years.

"Very well done Doctor," I say politely with a small smile.
I saw what she meant, shaking my head.
N-No... They... they're older ones... from the Queen before me...
I hung my head down, sulking back to the Hive... there was no need to watch this...
Shaking my head, I start walking the border of the Hatchery, looking for other overly weakened spots. Commervac would get in trouble for that, I would make sure of it. And it wasn't like me patrolling around the Hatchery was odd. I did it all the time, though I usually didn't see Zelia when I did. I figured the only reason was I wasn't a threat.
"Thank you, sir. I hate to ask, but....would it be possible to test it on a human? A convict on death row, of course. I need to know if it would have the same effect."
1... The gun was raised. 2... Finger on the trigger. 3... Pulling the trigger. Run! It had begun. I took off, the sound attracting a few Zerglings for now.

I whisper into my wristband. "Kiru. Make damn sure the cameras that have view of me are turned OFF this time." I turn to my prey. "I definately don't want anyone seeing this."

"Done." he says quietly.

From the brush, I stare at the pair of zerglings with a glare that could kill.

Concentrait...I thought to myself, focusing all my anger at Commervac at the two lowly creatures.

Suddenly, a gunshot was made, and the zerglings looked up from their own kill. They looked like they were going to run for the noise.

I let out a noise of rage. "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUGH!" I screech, and with a seemingly invisible force, both zerglings are smashed into nearby trees. The cracking of their bones is audible even from where I am standing. The noise sends a wave of sickness over me. Bones should not make noises like that...

My anger still presisted, this time at the owner of the gunshot. It was definately less than that I felt toward Commervac, thus I was able to contain it better. With a quick breath, I take control over my temper again (and my stomach), then begin walking back towards the Hatchery. Due to the amount of energy I just used up, my limbs felt a lot heavier, and I found it harder to keep my eyes open. It felt like a chore just to keep my legs moving.

Great...wonder if dad'll ask at lunch...I sigh to myself. Dad always recognized it, the kind of tired I got after I overused my psionics. Great...juuuuust great...

"I intercepted the reports of the two Zerglings from reaching the Superiors. No one knows they were injured except you and I." Whispered Kiru from my wristband. I did not answer him, and simply kept trudging back on in the direction of the Hatchery.

/Professor Williams/

I sigh. "Yes, I do believe that can be arranged. I'll fill out a request later, if you wish, Doctor."
"Thank you." I say, before sitting down, taking a bite out of a sandwich while the machine emptied the gas safely.
Two Zerglings barreled right behind my sprinting body, snapping as they drew closer. Letting them draw closer as I jumped over log and the two of them ran right into it. Tripping and tumbling. Ah, the adrenaline rush! I couldn't understand why everyone didn't do this? No big deal as of yet. I had a deep throaty laugh, and I was proud with what I was doing even if it wasn't the smartest... Sometimes it's just best to let young adults have the choices they want in life... no matter how terrible they were planned out. It was there choice after all, their responsibility.
I sat there, watching her come back with saddened eyes, before slowly walking to her and embracing her, hugging her like I used to... all those years ago... I remembered it... it was one of my few good memories...

Astrid was something young back then... much more innocent than she was now... not any less mischievous however... She had managed to do something... exactly what, I was unsure... I knew it was terrible... the bodies were strewn around the clearing, and she sat in the middle of it... in a ring of blood... it terrified me... to know what she was... but yet... I knew that I was really the only one she could talk to... so I sat there with her... talked it all out with her... and then before she had to go... She hugged me tightly... and all I could do was slowly embrace her in return... Once the head found out I was taken to a room...
and my psionic link to my Hive was severed from me... I became alone in the world, like frostbitten hands that could not feel what they touched... I knew I should have been feeling... but there was only a void of such.
I let off a sigh of relief as the clock in my HUD informs me my patrol time is over.
{Yo Jake still up for that sparing match?}
Deciding that the pair wouldn't be back anytime soon, I reply. {Sure thing. Meet you there in around five mikes?}
{Sounds good. Need to refill my coffee container anyway.} I make my way out of the facility and head for the encampment to get my coffee container refilled.
I drop my psi screen just long enough to contact Zelia. I'm on my way out. Contact me when she's recovered. Whatever happened set my psionic detectors crazy. Raising it again, but setting it to allow the Queen into my mind, I head out, heading for the camp. This had proven interesting.
Once I had my coffee container refilled and my waste container flushed and emptied I walk around the encampment drinking the coffee waiting for Jake.
I walk into the camp, spotting Greggor shortly after. "Well, my day was interesting. How was yours?"
"Better than most. Have a run in with Commervac or something." I say half jokingly.

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