The Gates of Hell (RP; Episode 1)

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02/16/2013 07:33 AMPosted by darkra
her char?

02/16/2013 07:35 AMPosted by Zarkun
CR is a he

her char?

I didn't say it.

IC: Specimen 32 slithered along the edge of the Habitation, its eyes pulsing. It was eager to leave this place, but not impatient. Impatience caused mistakes. It did not make mistakes.

Becca left the bar and headed home. She needed to check on her brother. It was weird being his caretaker.
OOC: Bleh, I've been lazy and haven't posted in awhile...crud, I've read up to the most current post and don't know what I should write. :/ Seems like most of the action is with the scientists and specemins. Just posted to let you all know I'm still going to (attempt) to continue in this rp.
Do your best. With Jay gone, not many of us can move on XD.
I arrive at Doc Alson's lab a bit late. "Sorry I'm late Doc."

I open my eyes and my camo fades. I find myself on the edge of the habitat dome under a tree. I stand up and look around not seeing anyone I start to wander the edge of the habitat not wishing to move closer to hatchery at this time.
"Don't mention it, I'm taking a break anyways. They let you be quite liberal with them. I was wondering if you could arrange a meeting for me, a meeting with a Zerg that can hold conversation, if you can. Ask them, if they don't have one, forget it and come back here. Can you do that for me? Also, there's a burrito here if you're hungry."
I walk over to the burrito and take it having not stopped at the mess hall on my way here. "OK I guess I will be back in a bit then." As I walk out I take a bite of the burrito and start making my way to the main office/command room/whatever it is.
Savage converts his arm as he slices down one of the dead trees. He was planning on building a shelter of some sort to pass the time. His shelter would not be advanced, more like a stick hut. But he was very bored.

Derek had fallen asleep.
Reaching the arena, I turn to Greggor. "You head in, gotta get out practice knives."

OOC: Jay, come back!
This here thread looks cool, I can't join I'm guessing. Whose in this thread, is it good?
Lots of people are in it, and it's been good so far, but Jay, the DM, is currently MIA.
Hmm, that's odd, I've been reading through a bit, and you seem to be speaking to a character which is not there.
02/20/2013 02:17 PMPosted by Zarkun
Lots of people are in it, and it's been good so far, but Jay, the DM, is currently MIA.

i talked to her on monday. she's low on creative juices but didn't want me to say the RP is suspended so i dunno :/
"Right." I enter the sparing room and stretch. I didn't often spare outside of my armor since I was in it almost all the time so I would need to limber up a bit before sparing to avoid pulling a muscle.
I come back two minutes later, with three sparring knives. I toss one to Greggor and ready myself for his attack. "I'll let you go first. See how good you are."
Note to the readers:

If you have reached this point and realized that characters seem to be talking to a nonexistent person, congrats on your understanding.

The person responsible for that character was banned and had his post history eradicated. Sorry for any confusion you may have experienced after reading this far.
I sigh and compose myself in the most basic combative form I knew. It was awkward for me since was not in my marauder suit and was more accustom to fighting in that. I knew a few other forms but didn't want to give that away just yet. I move hastily towards his left side to feign an attack from his left.
I pivot away from him, keeping face to face with him. "Smart move, but not enough."
"Heh, you ain't seen nothing yet." I quickly start to survey the area around me trying to figure out the best approach that would keep him from gaining the advantage. At this moment I really was wishing I had kept to my double major in physics.
I remain where I am, still waiting for him to make his move. "Take your time. I can wait."
"As can I.." I find an opportunity in a few moments and dash to his right keeping space between me and him as I try to out maneuver him.

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