The Gates of Hell (RP; Episode 1)

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I leap to close the distance, sliding under him and knocking his legs out. "Good run! Why didn't you become a marine?"
I adjust myself to fall towards Jake and use my momentum from falling to strike at Jake with an increased force.
"Simply because they don't like people who think as much as I do. Also they don't deal enough in explosives as I would like."
I roll aside, letting him hit the ground and jump on his back, putting him in a rear neck choke hold.
I try not to struggle to much knowing that it wouldn't do any good. Instead with a free hand I grasp a small vial on my belt and smash it into his arm. It was a mild paralytic that would only leave him with out function of one arm for about half an hour. I grab the arm that I smashed the vial into and pull him forward off of my back and quickly regain my footing.
This message has been brought to you by an trained Ex Soldier. Kroger, it was well played, but you're still stuck in the grip. You also are about 20 seconds from passing out.
It'd be a shame if Jay let this die D:
Bump for Jay... >n>

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