The Gates of Hell (RP; Episode 1)

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I take a plate of hotcakes bacon and eggs and take a seat and down my first cup of coffee before I start to eat. I watch the other soldiers stationed here mill about talking and eating thier breakfast.
I wake up late, as I'd designated this day to be my day of starting late, I personally worked 6 days a week, taking one to myself. I wandered over to my lab, eating the food I had there beforehand, and set to work, studying. I locked myself in a book, trying to find something that would make my
"WAIT." Beeped my wristband. "The doors may be bolted...Dr. Losar does not appear to be in his lab yet..." Kiru reported.

I grumble. "And I was JUST around the corner from there you know what a pain it is to walk around here, when this place is so damn huge?!" I sigh. "I could just unbolt them...but that would mean screwing around with QWERTY...and I can't do that; not after yesterday..."

Yesterday was a flop. My plan did not work out the way it should have...

"Well. The next nearest lab with a PSC in it is probably in...Dr. Edmund Alson's lab. He just walked in according to QWERTY..." he paused. "Do try not to be so flirtatious Miss Williams."

"Hush." I replied with a grin. "Stay tuned Kiru...I'll be needing you again in a bit."

"As you wish."
The book I was reading was called The Advanced Scientific Theory Behind Chemical Weapons, and it was quite fascinating. Well, to me, anyway. I don't think anyone else ever thought it interesting. I looked up several DNA modifiers, reading at lightning speed. I could read three pages a minute. I read through two different chemicals that could alter DNA, when...
I grab another cup of coffee, making it my fifth so far, before I take my tray to the drop off spot and head for the armory to get into my suit. I get several odd looks from other soldiers as I pass by. You terrorize a village once and everyone thinks you insane and hell bent on destruction. They could at least think I am sane....

"AUUUGHAOFLSHH..." I uttered in surprise at the sudden appearance of Commervac. It was a common occurance; but somehow every time he did it he still surprised me. If there was one thing my daughter and I could agree on; that would probably be that we both found the man to be at least a tad unsettling...

I turn to face him, regaining my calm while straightening out my labcoat. "Y-y-yes, Commervac. Here, give me a moment..." I replied.

I began fiddling with my white and gray Admin wristband, and pulled up a small holographic map of the area.

"Where we section...Sixteen? Yes...There are...twenty-five, in total. And...oh, here..." I say after I ramble a bit too much. I press a small button on the band; which would send it to Commervac's own wristband.


Every member of Staff has a wristband. They are white, with a different colored stripe in the middle of it. It acts as an ID; a communicator; and a device capable of data-transfer. It is much like a small; simplistic computer.

Superiors have one that is white with a black stripe. (Black=Research/Science Personnel)
Militants have one that is black with a red stripe. (Red=Military Personnel)
The Bartender has one that is white with a purple stripe. (Purple=Civilian)
The Medical Officer has one that is white with a blue stripe. (Blue=Medical Personnel)
The Head and his Daughter have one that is white with a gray stripe; with the above capabilities, as well as access to the main AI systems of the Facility. (Gray=Admin)

"Will that satisfy you Commervac?" I ask politely.



"Hellooooo," I say as I walk into Edmund's lab. I throw on one of my best smiles.

"Sorry if I'm interrupting something...but, wouldn't happen to of those, Portable Stasis Chambers in here, would you?" I ask.
I arrive at my lab and walk to my personal station. As I walk all of my equipment comes on. A prototype armor set in an alcove is illuminated. I sit down and turn to look at the armor. I sigh and turn back to the console and start working.

OOC: I'll get a pic of what it looks like more or less ... eventually.
I look up from my book. I'd heard about this girl, Astrid, but didn't take much notice. Pretty audacious to bust into someones office for a stupid question like that.

"It's fine. No, sorry, I don't have a portable stasis chamber in here. Why do you ask?"
Subject #1353634 paces around her cell. She had been in the general cell with most of the other creatures, but sometimes, she became a bit too destructive, and would have to be isolated before the rage built up to the point where she would kill everything nearby. Needless to say, even for a Zerg, she was unstable and destructive. She glances around, knowing that the hatchery was only but a short distance away. She took a seat on the ground, her heavy right arm almost as tall as she was when she was sitting.

"What a creep..." I mutter, quoting my daughter. I then walk back in the direction of my own lab again.



"Well," I start to say, taking note of a few surface thoughts that came off the man, "I was under the impression that there was one in here..." I emphasized 'was' to get Kiru's attention.

"Shhhh." Kiru whispered from my wristband. "I know there's one in here...just...poke'll find it."

"...and you see, I kind of need one." I finish.

Suddenly I got that awful feeling that Commervac was right behind me. Guess what? HE WAS GOD DAMN IT, AND HE WANTS MY STASIS CHAMBER; WHAT A B-
Derek looks at the device he was basing off the Zerglings quick reflexes. So far he had only the legs and the main body, which was round and was able to reflex a bit, though the legs he had built still had not moved fast enough to him, but he needed to keep the machine small. He needed stronger motors, yet keep the size small, though he if kept the metal light enough and changed the positioning of the legs along with their length, he could make it move fast while being able to navigate through vents and other small areas. "Natuurlijk!" He exclaims, quickly starting to disassemble the legs and main body. He would have to put a little more work into the main body and head armoring, but he could make it work.
"I see. However, that sadly doesn't change the fact I don't have one. So, as far as that goes, you're out of luck. Would you care for something to eat or drink?" I ask. I mean, it's not like I had to, but it was certainly polite to offer, and I was always wanting to be polite to the daughter of the guy who runs the damn place.

I turn to the newcomer. "Sorry, but as I was just telling her, I don't have one."

"No no, I'm fine sir, I had breakfast at four..." I say politely. "I'm still preeeety sure there's a PSC in here somewhere though..."

I begin nonchalantly wandering around, poking here and there for the PSC...
I ignore the newcomer, and I'm glad he went.

"I'm telling you, there isn't one in here, sorry to disappoint. I don't know what the hell you'd need one for anyway."
"Oh, well...the Professor kind of needed one, so...AHA I KNEW I-erm, I mean," I pause, "I knew it." I say a bit quieter. I didn't want to seem dippy...

I pull out a tube-looking thing with backpack straps attached to it shoved in an awkward; dusty cabinet/storage device of sorts under a tarp. I grin.

Now...I just need to decide...Feffi or Sol...

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