The Gates of Hell (RP; Episode 1)

Joeyray's Bar
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Derek finishes the scaling job on the top-side of the Zergling-o-matic and heads over to Casey's Bar. He asks as he sits at the counter, "Get me the strongest vodka you have."
I recive the message that the issue has been resolved. Great,I think, I should have just ignored it and finished my cereal. I decide to head down to Casey's bar to take my mind off of things.
I get the feeling that you don't know what Blink is. Blink is not a device, it's a Nerazim technique. Only do able with the power of the Void.
02/15/2013 09:07 AMPosted by Zarkun
I get the feeling that you don't know what Blink is. Blink is not a device, it's a Nerazim technique. Only do able with the power of the Void.
Zarkun, I believe that he knows that. But my theory is that they are creating a device so they can manipulate the energy around them in order to succeed in their mission. And it is a prototype so it doesn't necessarily means it's going to work.

But.... I don't know where he is going with this and Jay has the final say.

Should I go ahead and post since Jay was saving a spot for me and all I needed to do was update my app?
I sigh as Commervac's IFF tag passes through on my HUD. The man was quite different, I personally though that he got into a terrazine filled room by accident and stayed in there for a week. Hopefully I wouldn't run into him again later. I continue my patrol occasionally stopping to check the labs making sure there wasn't anything in there that wasn't supposed to be or what was supposed to be in there didn't go on a rampage.
Finishing my breakfast, I stand up and stretch, then head to my room and armor up, checking everything as it is placed on me. Nodding in approval, I head out towards the facility. Needed to see if Greggor was up for a bit of friendly sparring later.
I look at the clock on my HUD and notice that it was time for lunch. I step off to the side in the main enterance and cycle through the MREs that are supplied in my suit. Finally deciding on one I wait while it is prepared and start drinking the coffee that I had stored in my drink container for my suit.
Spotting Greggor, I wave. "Hey Greggor!"
OOC: *headdesk* Accidental trip cut me off. But hey, at least I got a bit of something in...

Turning around, Darren sighs. If I had failed to remember, I wouldn't have even gotten into my labs, much less anything else. He glances at the clock, noting how rather late he got up at. Pulling up next to his dresser, he pulls out the small wristband, taking due note of all the loose wires stemming from incessant curiosity. Clicking it on and emerging from the door, he takes off out into the hallway towards his lab.
I refrain from shooting the Head of Security in the back, as much as it would make all our lives easier. Guy had tried to sneak up on me before, but usually got a fist to the face for it. This armor was customized to my needs and wasn't to be underestimated. Walking past Commervac, I nod to Greggor. "How you doin?"
I look at Commervac unphased by his attempt of being scary. "Lunch break sir. Just started it and I have twenty minutes before I resume patrol."

I turn to Jake. "Bored as usual. Patrol always seems to be droll while I am on it."
"Figures..." I mutter to myself as I start eating my meal.

"So what do ya need Jake? Before you ask the CO found my makeshift chem lab, so stims and such are unavailable for now."
I chuckle. "Yeah, I know how that is. Why I'm glad I only signed on for raiding missions. But, I still come patrol of my own accord since there's literally one raid every like, two or three months." Shaking my head, I lean against a wall. "You up for some sparring later today?"

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