The Gates of Hell (RP; Episode 1)

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"Yeah ain't got much to do anyway. How did you manage to get the raiding mission anyway you lucky sob?"
"I'm an ex-Confed with tech better than most of the stuff here. So it wasn't hard."
I woke up with a sudden jolt, with a mug of hot coffee next to me. One of my many assistants probably got that for tired ol' me. Tired? HA! Our work had been slow... Showing some promises that it could backfire drastically and create a planetary crisis... As if Zerg were enough.
It's the thought that counts at least, but there was promise that it could improve many lives in the highly dangerous jobs that citizens who were desperate worked at. Or it could provide a significant alternative power source. But as they say, it, "Starts with one," I said, reaching a clipboard. The specimen was lively, and I needed some more Spinecrawler tissue.
"Right and I am a heavily armored explosives expect with a Masters in chemistry yet still the seem to think a grunt marnie that was resocialized would be better suited for a retrieval task. Not trying to offend you by the way."
"Not resocied, but I will say that they don't always require explosives, especially considering how...delicate, some of the things we retrieve are."
"That is where the chem degree comes in. Explosives just are for shock and awe sometimes."
That was when the growling began, or was it a hiss? Like the hell I'm supposed to know what sound Zerglings make. It was feeding time for them in this tank. Yes, that's right, they kept live specimens in their lab. "Someone hand me another coffee! This time make it extra caffeinated!"

I heard a, "Roger on that!" as an assistant went running off.... Someone needed to do it and I was busy with my hard work.

The humming rose from my temple as I jotted down a few observations of these beautifully dangerous creatures that were all predator, and none of them were prey. That was when I saw a crack forming on the inside and outside of the glass.... "LOVELY! JUST LOVELY!" I yell out to the other scientists that heard me and they saw the crack getting larger, and larger. They immediately began pulling data from the computers just in case that they had to evacuate their lab.

In a hurry I picked up the radio like device on my desk and called for one of the security officers. "Okay, I need a few marines with sedative rounds to come here on the pronto! We might have a breakout soon. The glass is cracked and I don't want to take any chances if they begin to charge at it," I said as I reached for my pistol in my drawer, as well as a clip of sedatives.
Commervac stopped on the way to the bar. He wanted to check the progress on his latest piece of equipment. Lab 8 was devoted to experimental stealth and defense technologies. It was the same lab that had provided him with an AI controlled hologram projector. He walked inside de-cloaked behind Doctor Morris - who had modified and improved Commervac's ghost armor since he arrived.

"Your hologram system works like a charm doctor."

The doctor had grown accustom the having Commervac appear behind him and without turning from his workbench he replied.

"I though you'd like that, eventually, it will be standard issue for all priority ghost armor. Are you here for something, It's not like you to pop up to say thanks."

Commervac walked around the table and looked at a jar filled with some kind of liquid.

"A scientist from your team rumored about a teleportation device, like the kind stalkers use."

The doctor looked up and adjusted his circle glasses.

"Yes, while we are working on such a device, know that it's range is not even half of what a stalker can do. It's generator is also a bit, hazardous."

Commervac turned to look at Morris.

"What if it were applied to my suites power source?"

"We investigated this option, while it works, I'm afraid it's usefulness is limited to 3 consecutive jumps, with a maximum range of 20 feet per jump."

"Is it safe?"

"Without the experimental generator, it fits within the safety regulations, if you don't go over 3 jumps within an hour that is."

"May I test it?"

"You may use the second stable prototype, but with it, your limited to 2 consecutive jumps of 15 feet within 1 hour. Just plug it in, it installs itself."

Morris pulled a small circular device from out of his desk. It was about 3.5 inches in diameter.

"Just plug it into an empty port on your belt."

Commervac attached it, then cloaked.

"Many thanks, doctor"

OOC: What part of 'strictly zerg-based research' don't you understand? :I it wouldn't make sense for them to be working on protoss-like tech at a facility made specifically for zerg research. Just sayin.

The hologram thing, on the other had, makes more sense. Fear can be sparked just as easy by numbers, that is demonstrated perfectly by the zerg. That kind of tech could most definitely be inspired by them. I like that idea quite a bit actually.
I chuckle. "Then I don't know. Guess I'm just that lucky."
"Maybe. Eh my term here should be over in a year anyway." I finish my meal and take another gulp of coffee. "Well my break is bout over. Wanna join me on patrol." I ask jokingly.
There was no reply so I called again. "Hello, we could sure use those security officers. I'd rather be safe than dead and sorry. So if you would please come down to my lab... And put these Zerglings to sleep before they decided to smash through the glass that is cracking, I would appreciate it."

The security in this place was slow it seemed to be, where's one of the officers when you need them? Probably dicking around drinking booze in a brown bag... Ha.... Brown bag.
I sigh as I hear the call. "Looks like things might be getting interesting." I start heading for the doctor that called for help. After a few minute I arrive stepping into the room.
"You called?"
Spinning my chair around with the loaded pistol in one hand, while setting down the device that I used to call them with. A few of the other scientists had finished backing up the data. "Thank you for arriving, "I say, "we have a slight problem. We have no idea how, but the glass is beginning to crack from the inside and outside. And if the Zerglings decide to charge at it then they'll bust through. I need someone to knock them out before someone gets hurt."
"Looks like I am your man then." I rest the rounds fired from my launchers for stun. "Don't worry my grenades won't hurt your precious little pets."
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Derek finishes the scaling job on the top-side of the Zergling-o-matic and heads over to Casey's Bar. He asks as he sits at the counter, "Get me the strongest vodka you have."

"What's the occasion?" Amber asks Derek as she pours a glass of vodka.
I watch as Greggor walks off and sigh. Poor guy. Turning, I walk towards the Camp, whistling to myself.

"What do you mean he dealt with a disturbance in the hive today?"

"A minor incident between a pair of the more developed specimens was dealt with." QWERTY responded.

"Why wasn't I informed?"

QWERTY responded with the same detachment. "It was not deemed a large enough disturbance to warrant your attention."

"Yet security was dispatched?"


"QWERTY, in the future, inform me when troops are mobilized. I don't want to find out that people were sent into action hours after the fact."

I give a quick nod as I get back on work on the computer as I picked up the device again, "I need maintenance to come down here please and to repair my specimen container as they will be knocked out soon. The sooner the better please." I asked.
I have to wonder, why use the name QWERTY?

IC: Returning to the camp, I head to the armory. I'd been working on a project there and decided now would be a good time to do more work on it. Seeing Colonel Eric, I nod to him. "Afternoon Colonel."
OOC: Astrid named both systems when she was little, :P

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