Are these Stimpacks addictive?

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02/19/2013 01:57 PMPosted by MechaGhidrah
In canada do they say ehh after everything SF. Like would someone say "That was a good hockey game ehh."
Not really. A few do, but not many. Maybe one in every 100 or so.

That's your stereotypical Canadian. :l
Yeah, the only similarities you're gonna find in comedic Canadian stereotypes and actual Canadians is a slight accent in most cases.
"Mecha, almost no one does. And if they do, not very often. My father does sometimes, but he is from Ontario."
I knew a marine who stimmed himself to death. That zergling trash killed him in one hit... I have seen crap that can not be unseen bro!
Lol, nice^^
We must band together to stop Stimpack abuse! Let's start painting signs!
Even better! Let's get them medics and some body paints and have a REAL protest party!
I'll bring the Beer!!!!

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