FPS issues in SC2 & HOTS; not in other games

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Hello, whenever I play SC2 WoL or HoTS, I am receiving poor frame rate in game. The frame rate on the highest setting possible is about 40-50 fps about 10 minutes into the game and in late game battles it is around 15-20 fps in 4v4's. During the game I also get random framerate drops that drops it down to about 5 fps. My CPU is an i7-2600k @ about 3.5ghz. My GPU is a gtx 570 with 2.5gb vram, 732 mhz core clock, and 1900 mhz memory clock. When I run sc2 my cpu is about 60 degrees, and my gpu is about 65-70 degrees.
The odd thing is that I tested my framerate for other games and was getting very good framerate in games like skyrim and borderlands 2 (capped at 60 fps on highest settings).
For SC2 My GPU usage starts around 99% and seems to somehow drift down to 55% as the game progresses (not sure why). I feel as though my cpu shouldn't be bottlenecking my gpu so I'm not sure why sc2 is receiving such a poor framerate as well as annoying framerate drops.
If anyone could help that would be great.
(And yes all my drivers are current and I have repaired the SC2 game client).
try playing vs the IA, 4v4, lots of units, it may be the internet, not your cpu, or the other guys who is making you lag.
Yeah I did my benchmarks vs the AI and checked my connection and it isn't that, thats making me lag
Having the same issue with a core i5 8 gigs ram and a gtx 570.

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